Saturday, November 17, 2007

El Papi Chulo List: Part 9

Just in time for the holidays El Papi Chulo list. Enjoy!

Sendhil Ramamurthy.

One of the hottest Heroes around.

Cameron Mathison.

Umm just look at him.

Edgar Ramirez.

Ladies let me introduce you to Edgar. Edgar is an actor, you might remember him from movies such as "Domino", " The Bourne Ultimatum" etc.

Hill Harper.

What can't he do?

Nigel Barker.

He is my top model.

Eric Balfour.

Go rent "Lie with Me" all I am going to say.

Henry Simmons.

You can catch him on "Shark" every Sunday night.

Shane West.

How come the ER doctors here look nothing like this? Just saying.

Jesse Bradford.

Yes, I went there. Caro remember how much you loved him?

Christopher Gorham.

I love Henry!

Keith Robinson.

El papi from "Dreamgirls".

Kevin Alejandro.

I loved Santos. I was pissed when they killed him off, but thankfully I can catch him every Sunday night on "Shark".

Mark Ruffalo.

I love, love him.

Scott Elrod.

Ladies let me introduce you to Scott. Scott here is an actor he is currently starting in " Men in Trees." Which is a great show by the way.

Gareth Gates

Again let me introduce you to Gareth. Gareth here is a pop singer from across the pond.

Shane and Shawn Ward.

I am doing a lot of introducing tonight....anyways. Ladies meet Shane and Shawn. Yes they are twins! A first for El Papi Chulo List. Shane and Shawn are Co-CEO's of Detny Shoe Company.

Steven Strait.

Steven here is a model and actor.

The OE

He is the hottest secret agent around, due to reasons of National Security, I can't post his picture you are just going to have to take my word on this one :)

And that is all for this edition of El Papi Chulo List.

All Images courtesy of Google.