Saturday, November 17, 2007

El Papi Chulo List: Part 9

Just in time for the holidays El Papi Chulo list. Enjoy!

Sendhil Ramamurthy.

One of the hottest Heroes around.

Cameron Mathison.

Umm just look at him.

Edgar Ramirez.

Ladies let me introduce you to Edgar. Edgar is an actor, you might remember him from movies such as "Domino", " The Bourne Ultimatum" etc.

Hill Harper.

What can't he do?

Nigel Barker.

He is my top model.

Eric Balfour.

Go rent "Lie with Me" all I am going to say.

Henry Simmons.

You can catch him on "Shark" every Sunday night.

Shane West.

How come the ER doctors here look nothing like this? Just saying.

Jesse Bradford.

Yes, I went there. Caro remember how much you loved him?

Christopher Gorham.

I love Henry!

Keith Robinson.

El papi from "Dreamgirls".

Kevin Alejandro.

I loved Santos. I was pissed when they killed him off, but thankfully I can catch him every Sunday night on "Shark".

Mark Ruffalo.

I love, love him.

Scott Elrod.

Ladies let me introduce you to Scott. Scott here is an actor he is currently starting in " Men in Trees." Which is a great show by the way.

Gareth Gates

Again let me introduce you to Gareth. Gareth here is a pop singer from across the pond.

Shane and Shawn Ward.

I am doing a lot of introducing tonight....anyways. Ladies meet Shane and Shawn. Yes they are twins! A first for El Papi Chulo List. Shane and Shawn are Co-CEO's of Detny Shoe Company.

Steven Strait.

Steven here is a model and actor.

The OE

He is the hottest secret agent around, due to reasons of National Security, I can't post his picture you are just going to have to take my word on this one :)

And that is all for this edition of El Papi Chulo List.

All Images courtesy of Google.

Monday, October 08, 2007

That Time Of The Year

for a new edition of El Papi Chulo List. So here is your chance to give me your suggestions. Then make sure to check back to see who made the list.

Monday, September 10, 2007

What You Know About This?

The other night I was watching t.v. with my mom when the host of the show we where watching starting talking about "how kids today don't know music". His words not mines. He went on to say that kids today (and by kids he meant anyone under 35)don't know about the great bolero singers. At this I pulled a Nana on the t.v.

(Pulling a Nana consist of yelling at the person on t.v. as if they can hear you and worse respond.)

The reason behind my pulling a Nana was that i know about old school boleros. I am not saying that I know everything about them, in fact I have a lot to learn but I know old school boleros. They are my childhood. I almost died because of old school boleros and this fool is on t.v. trying to say that no one under 35 knows about that? You got to be kidding me.

I am the baby in my family. Which means that when I was younger my dad would take me EVERYWHERE with him. He would pack my bag, tell my mom to get me ready and off we would go for the day. My dad LOVES his boleros. They are really all he listens to. So since I spent all my time with him,I listened to boleros all the time.

I know most of them by heart. I can also tell you the name of the song and who sings it with in the first 5 seconds of the song coming on. My daddy taught me well.

I want to share with you my all time favorite song. I know I am always talking about how this song or that is my favorite but this one tops them all. I think it is the most beautiful song in the world.

Por Amor which was writing by Rafael Solano, who happens to be Dominican. Many consider this song to be the most famous Dominican song is the world, it has been recorded in just about every language by just about everyone. So here it is for you to enjoy. Make sure to check out both versions of the song.

Here is the original sang by Nini Cafaro:

And here is Mariachi version, which is the way most people know it:

I have to say that is my favorite version of the song, I love the way this guy sings.

Watching that made me wonder what happened to las serenatas? We need to bring those back.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

I'm Getting To Know You Between The Lines

When I was younger I would drive my mother crazy asking her questions about herself.

" Mami, when you where younger what did you want to do with your life?"
" Mami, was papi your only boyfriend?"
" Mami, what where you like as a kid?"

My mother would either ignore me until I got tired of waiting for her to answer and went off to bother my sisters or father or tell me to go do something and leave her alone.

This worked until my teen years when I would sit and wait for her to answer. She would usually dance around the questions or say something so crazy that I would forget what I had originally asked her.

As I got older, I stopped asking.

Recently without me asking mami has been sharing little things about herself.

It has been really great because some of the things she is telling me, are things that I have been wanting to know for years. I have always felt like my mothers life was a great big top secret mystery, and I use to joke around and tell people that my mom was really an assassin or something like that because I knew very little about her.

I finally feel like I know my mother. I am also shocked at how similar we really are but yet at the same time how different we are. When I was younger I use to doubt the fact that I was really her daughter because we were so different. So it is nice to know that we have somethings in common.

Through our sharing sessions I have found out a lot about my mother. Like how funny she is. Some of the things she says crack me up. She was also way cooler at my age then I will ever be, and something that I have known my whole life how incredibly strong she is. Along with a whole bunch of other great, cool, interesting only to me things.

I am so glad that we were able to do this. It has helped me to see my mami with new eyes.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Top Five Reasons Why I Love Juan Luis Guerra

5. He is an amazing song writer. Have you looked up the lyrics for songs like Bachata Rosa?

I picked this version of the song because it has the lyrics in English and I know that not everyone who reads this blog speaks Spanish :)

4.He is proud of his roots and where he came from and loves to share it with the world.

Most of his music videos are shot in D.R.

3. He joined up with Mana (one of my favorite bands) to make one of the best song of 2007.

2. I grew up listening to his music.

1. He speaks on a full variety of topics in El Costo De La Vida, way back in 1992 and they are still valid today.

Hmm I am sure I can come up with more but I am pretty sure that everyone is jamming right about now. You can go here to find out some more about my beloved Juan Luis Guerra.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

May I Recommend: Movie, Music, Book and Website Edition

Here are some of the books, movies, music and a website that I have been enjoying lately.

First up the Movies:

I just saw Quinceañera this weekend and fell in love with it. This is a great movie, I fell in love with Chalo González who plays Tio Thomas.

Go out and rent this movie and you will see why. Also if you are like me and cry at movies keep the tissues handy, you are going to need them for this one.

You know I had to go see this one. Ocean's Thirteen was a fun movie to watch. I am glad that they took it back to Vegas. Al Pacino is a great addition to this already star studded cast. I love him in this movie. Also the other boys in this movie don't let you down.

Next Up Music:

The boys of Maroon 5 are back. I love this album. Nataly gave it to me for my birthday and I have been jamming to it since then. While the first single Makes Me Wonder is good, I have to say that Goodnight Goodnight, Better That We Break, and Back At Your Door are my favorites. Little Of Your Time, Wake Up Call, and Won't Go Home Without You are also great songs.

You know that I had to support my boyfriend. I am also enjoying this album although I will admit that I still have to listen to the whole thing straight through. From what I have heard so far Impacto both the remix and the original version are a great choice to start a party. Also Jefe, En Sus Marcas Listos Fuera and Ella Me Levanto are also good songs.

Let me start by saying that I LOVE Juan Luis Guerra. Ok now that, that is out of the way I love this album. He said in an interview that this is his most romantic album to date, and I would have to agree with him. This whole album is just amazing. I can listen to this album from start to finish and then repeat it. I love La Llave de Mi Corazon but my favorite song off of this album by far is Si Tú No Bailas Conmigo. You just have to listen to it to get what I am saying. Other great songs are Que Me des Tu Cariño, Como Yo,Sólo Tengo Ojos Para Ti, A La Vera and Amores. Oh what the heck the whole album is good. I suggest that you go out and buy it you wont be disappointed.

This is why I love iTunes and the song of the week. Jesse y Joy where the free song of the week a while back and I fell in love with their music. The first song I heard was Espacio Sideral and I loved it, so I bought the whole album without listening to the rest of the cd. I normally don't do that but something told me I would not be disappointed. Guess what? I was right. I can also listen to this album from start to finish.I know that some people compare her voice to Shakira from way back in the day. On some songs I will have to agree on others I don't think so.Either way this is a great album. My favorite song is Somos Lo Que Fue. Llegaste Tu, Cielo Azul, and Ya No Quiero are also great songs.

I discovered Tiziano Ferro through my novela ( La Fea Mas Bella). He sang a few songs in one episode, and I liked what I heard so I check him out on iTunes. In case you can't tell by now, I love iTunes lol, anyways back to the subject at hand. I love the song Te Tomare Una Foto. Oh man talk about a beautiful break up song. I also love Y Estaba Contentisimo. The other song that I just love from him is Tardes Negras off of his album 111 Ciento Once.

Ok enough with the music on to the books:

I loved this book. I got it as a gift for my birthday. This book will make you laugh, cry, turn all shades of red from embarrassment, and wonder where you can find a papi chulo like Diego. It will also remind you to call your sister and tell her how much you love her. At least I know that I did.

I am addicted to the Shopaholic series. So when I got this book for my birthday I was super excited and could not wait to read it. Although this book start out a little slow once it picks up you wont want to put it down.

This was also a great book. Same as above once you start you don't want to stop.

This is a amazing book.If you have not read it yet, I suggest you stop by your local bookstore and pick it up.

This book broke my heart. There where times where I had to put it down because I could not read it due to the tears in my eyes. I can't believe what we as human beings do to other human beings. If you read just one book off of this list this is the one I suggest you pick. No matter where you stand on the immigration debate this is a must read.

While I was reading this book this song and video kept popping into my head. You all know I love Ricardo Arjona, and while I am not a big fan or Norteño music the lyrics to this song are so powerful that I had to share.

And now for the website:

If you are a book worm like me then you are going to love Shelfari. Go on check it out.

That is the list for now.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

All You Need Is Love

I have signed into blogger and looked at a blank posting screen so many times now that I lost count. I have a feeling that I should write an entry, but when it is time to write something I can't think of a single thing that I want to write about.

I finally have something to write about. Yay! Go Me!

Anyways on to the post...

My birthday was last month (June 2) and it quickly turned from a day into a month long celebration. Just about every other day it seemed during the month of June, I would receive either a phone call, email, e-card, birthday card, gift, party, flowers, serenade, or a cake made in honor of my birthday. This is the first time that anything like that has happened to me and it was pretty much amazing. It really made me feel blessed and loved. So needless to say June was a great month.

Some how and I blame Caro for this (cause I got to blame someone for it :) ), word got out that I love to read and just about everyone I know gave me either a book or a gift card to Borders or Barnes and Nobles. I have been spending the last couple of days reading some of my new books. So far three down eight to go.

One of the parents from the program I work at made me a beautiful cake. Which caused quite the commotion when I brought it home. Oh in case you wanted to know the cake was yummy, as where all the cakes and treats that I received for my birthday.

I spent the actual day sleeping Ok that did not happen, I actually spent the day working in the garden with my mother and then later on in the evening Nataly took me out to eat and for a drink. After dinner we went to my cousins house for more drinking and some fun times with the family.

Caro called me from Argentina. Which totally made my day and my paternal grandparents serenaded me with Las Mananitas (by phone of course seeing as they live in Ny) like they do every year. Which always makes me cry. Mostly because I miss them so much.

This has so far been the best birthday I have had ever hand down. I want to thank everyone for all the well wishes, laughs, tears, songs, amazing gifts, cakes and parties that have made my birthday extra special this year.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

7 random facts about me

I was tagged by Suvii,ok here we go....

Each player starts with 7 random facts/habits about themselves. People who are tagged need to write their own blog with their 7 things as well as these rules. You need to tag 7 others and list their names on your blog. Remember to leave a comment for them letting them know they have been tagged and to read your blog.

My 7 random facts:

1. I was almost born in my parents restaurant. My mom went home early that day because she was not feeling well and her water broke on the train. Guess what her next stop was?

2. My dad missed my birth, in fact he did not meet me until the next day. One of his best friends was arrested on the day I was born, and since he had no idea i was making my entrance (darn you lack of cell phone)he spent the day trying to figure out what happened to his friend.We use to go and visit him at Rikers all the time. My dad's friend was released on my 18th birthday.

3. My family moved to D.R. when I was 2 months old. We lived there until I was 4 years old.We moved back so I could go to school in the U.S.

4. When I was younger I wanted to be an Olympic figure skater.

5. English is my second language. I learned English in school and through Sesame Street. Thanks Big Bird.

6. Most people think I am this nice, quite girl. What they don't know is that,I have been going to 21 and over clubs and hung out with a crew that was 10 yrs my senior and did some serious partying along the way since the age of 15. Just in case you where wondering how I did that my cousin was dating the club owners nephew and he would get me in.

7. I graduated from high school with honors in French, but since I don't use it I have lost all of it.

There you have it now I know tag Caro, Nataly, Kim, Janette, Reese, Chrissy and Yvonne. Have fun ladies.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

El Papi Chulo List: Part 8

Just in time for all those hot and long summer days another edition of El Papi Chulo List. Enjoy!

Keanu Reeves

I know Keanu went through a "stage" there where he was fighting el chulo, so here is a picture from way back in the day when he was all about el chulo.

Jason George

Jason was on What about Brian which aired on ABC. It was a good show it is a shame that it was canceled.

Juan Soler

Juan is a huge telenovela start in Latina America. He has been heating up the small screen for years.

Paul Sculfor

Jennifer Aniston sure knows how to pick them.

Sam Page

Sam can be seen on the t.v. show Shark which use to air on Thursday nights on CBS.

Christian De La Fuente

Christian here is an other telenovela star. He was most recently seen in Ugly Betty as the hot director from Mode Brazil.

T.R. Knight

Yet another papi chulo from Grey's.

Andy Roddick

Yet another chulo from the tennis world.

Andy Garcia

I hope I don't have to explain myself with this one.

Enrique Iglesias

Este papi can be my hero anyday.

Matthew Davis

Yet another papi chulo from What About Brian.

Topher Grace

Topher is just yummy all around.

George Lopez

George cracks me up, and we all know that I love a man who can make me laugh.

David James Elliot

David played Harm on the t.v. show J.A.G. and there is nothing better then a man in uniform.

Tony Dovolani

Two scoops of yum and a hot dancer while he is at it.

Raja Bell

It is a shame that the NBA season is ending because I would like to see more of this papi.

Avery John

David Beckham better watch his back because este papi is hot on his heels. Also ladies after you are done drooling over Avery please make sure to stop by here and vote for him in the MLS All Star Game.

Maksim Chmerkovskiy

Yet an other papi chulo from the dancing world.


Umm yeah.

All images courtesy of Google.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Happy Birthday Papi

I just wanted to wish mi papi a very happy 60th birthday. That is right today is mi papi's birthday! Seen in the picture above with my sister.

Feliz Cumpleanos Papi!