Tuesday, May 31, 2005

The Dominican Bacholrette: The graduation

The graduation went well. It was such an emotional day for my sister because now her baby boy is a man. It was bittersweet, we are all proud of Gabe for his accomplishment but at the same time it was a quick reminder that he is no longer a little boy.

While we were at the graduation I look over and guess who is there? Yup Adrian and B. I know that B was going to be there because his brother was also graduating but I was not expecting Adrian to be there. After the graduation we all went over to my house for the graduation party. Adrian stayed there the WHOLE time just hanging out with my family. He even played dominoes with my uncles. After the party was over we went to Adrian's house to watch the Chappelle Show. I love that show.

On Saturday we just hung out. We did not go to the Don Omar concert because it was postponed until farther notice. So we went to see The Longest Yard. That movie is too much. I laughed the whole time.

On Sunday I spent the day with the Family. I call Caro to congratulate her on her graduation and it was sooo good to talk to her. I miss Caro A LOT and it saddens me that I miss her graduation my brother-in-law surprised us all by showing up out of now where. We went to my cousins Angelica’s graduation party and then everyone came over to my house to discuss my grandmother’s health. It was a really emotional time for the family seeing as my grandmother is not doing well. Adrian came over to meet my brother-in-law.

My brother-in-law kept joking with him by saying “ I married the wrong sister, every time I see Karla she just get’s prettier and prettier.” He always says that by now I know he is joking but Adrian didn’t it was funny to see his reaction. My sister, brother-in-law and nieces all “approve” of Adrian…. lol…After hanging out with the familia I went to Adrian’s house and we watched Shark Tale or should I say I watched Shark Tale because he fell asleep.

Yesterday I went to meet one of his ex-teachers Ms. Jay she is like his mom. Actually she is his mom after his mother passed away she and his grandmother have been the only female figures in his life. So to meet her meant a lot to me because I know how important she is to him. After that I went home and he went to run some errands. Somewhere during that time he talked to X and let him know what was going on. My wonderful cousin means well but he has a stupid rule about how his friends can’t date his cousins and so that is why Adrian had a talk with him. According to Adrian, X took it well. Later on that night X and Jessica went with Adrian and I to the movies. We took my nieces and nephews to see Madagascar. That was an all right movie.

Jessica then made this statement as we were walking to the car. “ If you had any doubt that he likes you I hope you let them go. Look at all he has done for you. He has come to see you everyday this week, calls you all the time, spends time with you family and even introduced you to his teacher. He even was man enough to talk to your cousin. If that does not mean that he likes you then I don’t know what does.”

Yes Karla does have her doubts about Adrian. That is why Jessica said that to me. I know he has changed and that I should not hold his past against him because I told him that was not going to do that but I don’t know. Sometimes that little voice inside my head screams “Karla be careful remember who you are dealing with here.” Yes I know that I should take his actions into consideration but when you know that the dude you are dealing with is a certified playa you make sure to take extra careful. I guess I am just not sure that he is serious about all this.

He still has not kissed me and I know why.

Nataly: “ Yo, Adrian why have you not made a move on Karla.”
Adrian: “ What?”
Nataly: “ Come Adrian I know you, I know you have moves make one damn it.”
Adrian: “ Nah it’s not like that.”
Nataly: “ Then what is it like.”
Adrian: “ Yeah I got moves but it’s not like that. Yeah I use them on sluts and one nights stand but it’s not like with Karla. I respect her to much to do that to her.”
Nataly: “ umm yeah whatever just kiss the girl already.”
Adrian: (laughing) “ In due time, it will happen in due time.”

Aww que lindo he respects me. I don’t have a problem with it but everyone else does.

Nataly: “ So did he kiss you yet?”
Karla: “ Ah no.”
Nataly: “ What? Not even after I talked to him.”
Karla: “ Eh no by the way what did you say to him.”

(See above conversation for that info.)

Nataly: “ Jessica can you believe he has not even tried to kiss her yet?”
Jessica: “ What?”
Nataly: “ Yeah he respects her to much.”
Jessica: “ Aww how cute but damn I think we have had enough of the respect thing.”
Karla: “ Ay leave him alone it will happen when it happens.”
Jessica: “ Ah, yeah or maybe he is afraid of what B would do to him.”
Nataly: “ Yeah he knows B would kill him if he did you wrong.”
Karla: “ No, I talked to B we had “the talk” he is cool with it.”
Nataly and Jessica: “ So then he (Adrian) should have kissed you already.”
Karla: “ Just relax yo, it will happen when it happens.”

Stay tune for our next installment of the Dominican Bacholrette.

Friday, May 27, 2005

The Dominican Bachlorette: La Rumba

Tonight on the Dominican Bachlorette:

So our bachlorette and the crew meet up at B’s house and from there go downtown. Once at La Rumba our crew was greeted with a surprise. The wonderful police officers that were at the door would not let Jessica in because her Id was from the Dominican Republic.

I understand that they got to do their job, but damn yo they did not have to be rude about it. The cop was a straight up ass. He was going on and on about how he needed to see her green card before he could let her into the club. WTF??? I have never heard that one before. At that time X was parking the car but even after he showed up and said that Jessica was his wife and all this other stuff. The prick of a cop still would not let her in. The funny part of this story is that Jessica has been to La Rumba before and we never had a problem with her Id until last night.

I think that this has a lot to do with the fact that a few weeks ago a Denver police officer was shot and killed allegedly by an illegal immigrant so now they (the cops) are all up in arms about this shit. Like I said before I understand that they are doing their job but damn yo.

So Jessica was really, really, really pissed and X took her home. The rest of us went out to a local bar since we were already downtown and dressed. Plus Jessica was soooo pissed she did not want to speak to anyone. I don’t blame her.

B, Adrian, Doug, Karina and I ended up at some bar called Spill or Spirit something like that all I remember is that it started with an S….lol…maybe J can help me with the name. It’s right next to Monarch on Market.

Anyways we get there order some drinks and just hang out. Adrian’s phone rings and he gets really serious. So we know something is up. He won’t talk about it. B pulls him to the side and they talk. We decide to leave and head down to the Church. Yes I said the Church. It’s a club here in Denver that use to be a real church until someone turned it into a club. We get to the church drive around for a little while until we find parking. Once we are parked Adrian says “ ya go inside and have fun I am going to stay here.”

All: “ What?”
Adrian: “ You guys go inside and have fun I am going to stay in the car.”
B: “ Ah hell no”
Karla: “ No, we are all going in or we are all going home.”
Doug: “ Come on man let’s go.”
Karina: “ umm you guys it’s getting cold out here can we go in.”

Adrian would not budge he was not going to go in. B and Doug pull him to the side and that is when we find out that his friend was shot and killed earlier that night.

We decide to go to Adrian’s house instead. We stop at 7-11 for some beer and then it is off to Adrian’s crib. We get there and Adrian and B stay outside talking. Doug, Karina and I go downstairs to the basement.

While the guys talk I umm had to undress Doug because the fool spilled cranberry and vodka all over himself and he was tripping about the fact that it was going to stain his Sean John shirt but the fool was to drunk to take the damn thing off him-self so I had to help him. (Not that I am complaining about that because umm Doug is hot and umm he has a very nice body. J) I then went upstairs to wash out the stain and Karina and Doug stayed downstairs playing pool.

Once I got the stain out I went back downstairs and hung out with Doug and Karina. A few minutes later B comes downstairs and I went upstairs to check on Adrian. I find him in the living room just standing there staring into space. We hang out on the couch and talk and talk and talk it was really cool. The whole time we are sitting on the couch he was holding my hand. He would squeeze my hand or he would rub his thumb back and forth across my hand and he would just look at me. It was nice just to sit there and talk. We talked about everything.

He even told me how much he likes me and why he is always so nervous around me and lets just say if the boy would have kept on talking this chica would have the BIGGEST ego right now but B, Doug and Karina came upstairs because they were ready to go home but I wasn’t. I think I could have stayed there talking to him for hours. It took having to sit there and having that conversation to realize that Adrian really does like me or as he says, “ I am feeling you…damn am I feeling.”

B took me home because we had gone downtown in my car and when X went to take Jessica home he took my car. Oh may I just mention that all the fellas were looking really, really good last night. They said it was because they had to keep up with us ladies…lol. I mean B even had cuff links on with his strip shirt, jeans and dress shoes. By the time I got home it was 3 in the morning and I had to be up at 5:30 to come to work today.

Today is my nephew’s (Gabe) graduation. I can’t believe he is graduating from high school. We are going to have a little get together at the house afterwards and all the guys are going. I know that Adrian is going to stop by because he told me he bought a gift for Gabe and he wanted to give it to him. How cute is that. Adrian is even planning a party for him on Saturday at his house.

Oh and if anyone is wondering if G ever showed up last night the answer is no.

Well folks stay tune for our next installment of the bachlorette where we find out what happens at the graduation and graduation party.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

The Dominican Bachlorette: Why did i go and do that?

Ok i know i said that there would not be an other installment until Friday but then i had to go and do something that i just had to tell you guys about.

So as we all know our bachlorette and the fellas are planning on going to the club later on tonight. Well our bachlorette being the social butterfly that she is inivted her co-works/friends to come to. When our bachloretter was talking to Mitzi in the office about going to the club, G (Karla's crush at work) just happened to be there and heard the whole conversation. Then he said:

G: " You guys are going salsa dancing?"
Karla: " yeah"
G: " Man i have always wanted to do that."
Karla: " Really?"
G: " yeah everytime i see people dancing i think damn that is cool."
Karla: " Oh really, well you should come?"
G: " I will looking into it and see if i can make it."

Say it with me people "DOH" what was i thinking. Like if there is not going to be enough drama there tonight with B and X and Adrian all in one place but now i had to go and invite the guy who i have the BIGGEST crush on. This is defantly going to be an intressting night.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

The Dominican Bachlorette: Adrian's House

Karla went to the "school thing" but left shortly after seeing her student perform. While Karla was at said "school thing" she received this voicemail " Hey mama it's B I was just calling to see where you were at and if you were still coming give me a call. Peace" Karla calls B back but the foo does not answer his damn cell phone.

Karla arrives at Adrian's house to find Adrian and Doug are the only two people there...

Karla: " Hey Guys what’s up?"
Adrian: " Hey Karla"
Doug: " Hey Girl"
Karla: " uhh where is everyone at?"
Adrian: " You know these [insert racial epithet]'s never show up on time."
Karla: " ha ha ha ha"

So Adrian, Doug and Karla are just kicking it hanging out in his driveway when Brian and Jenna show up followed by B and his wife E. Then X, Karina and Amanda show up.

B: " Yo we really are on CP time."
Adrian: " [insert racial epithet] they can never show up on time."
B: " Yo man shut up."
Jenna: " So what are we going to do?
B: " We are going to drink."
Adrian: " Then we need to make a run to the store."

After about 15 minutes of fighting over what they were going to buy and who was going to go B and X leave for the liquor store.

Meanwhile everyone else is still hanging out on Adrian's driveway.

Adrian: " Yo [insert racial epithet] we can go inside?"


More Silence

Adrian: " Or we can just stay outside, whatever is cool with me."

So everyone is talking and drink whatever they found in Adrian's fridge when... Adrian walks over to where Karla is sitting (on Brian’s car) and sits on the other side of her (yeah he thinks he is smooth) Karla is talking to Doug until Adrian taps her on the shoulders.

Adrian: " Hey Karla?"
Karla: " Hey"
Adrian: " Umm...I know you talked to B."
Karla: " Yeah"
Adrian: " and...umm...I want you to know that I am not normally like that."
Karla: " ah"
Adrian: " it's just that I get shy sometimes.... uh I don't know what happened to me."
Karla: " It's ok Adrian, don't worry about it."

Adrian stands up and walks away from the car.

Adrian: " I promise I’m not normally like that."
Karla: " It's cool I understand."

Doug makes a stupid comment and everyone laughs. Adrian leaves to go pick up his friend who is also his barber.

Adrian: " Yo I am just going to go and pick this [insert racial epithet] phucker is lost."
Brian: " ok dog just leave already."

X and B are still not back yet and now the host is gone as well so the crowd starts to get restless.

Jenna: " Damn where are these fools?"
Brian: " Shit it is taking them a long time."
E: " let me call B"

E: (talking on phone) “ Hey baby where are you at?”
E: “ Damn why are you guys all the way out there?”
E: ‘” Alright well we will see you in a little while.”

Once E hangs up the crowd attacks.

Jenna: “ Yo where are those fools at?”
Brian: “ Please tell me they have the alcohol”
E: “ Yeah they do, they went to pick up Danny.”
Jenna: “ Damn, why the phuck do they have to pick that [insert racial epithet] up?”
Brian: “ Oh damn that means it is going to be a while.”
Doug: “ Oh hell no, I know these [insert racial epithet] don’t expect me to wait for their ass.”
E: “ Why couldn’t they drop off the alcohol and then go pick up Danny?”
Karla: “ Ha ha you guys really are a bunch of alcoholics.”

At that time Adrian and the Barber show up. Adrian is introducing everyone to the Barber.

Barber: “ Which one is she?”
Adrian: “ She is sitting over there by my car.”
Barber: “ Oh I know she is not the one is white (referring to Karla)?”
Adrian: “Yeah that’s her.”
Barber: “ Damn, dog you can do better then that.”

Inside Karla’s head “ Y Este Tipo?”

Adrian grabs the Barber and takes him to the end of the driveway. There is a lot of talking and hand gestures. Adrian and the barber then get into the barber’s car and drive down the street then come back. Adrian then introduces the barber to Karla. The barber trying to be friendly gives Karla a big hug. Karla’s not having it and pulls away.

Barber: “ What was that too long?”
Karla: “ Yeah”

Adrian then grab’s Karla’s hand and pulls her off the hood of his car where she was sitting and ask her to walk inside with him where they talk in the kitchen.

Adrian: “ Yeah so like I was saying I’m not normally like that.”
Karla: “ Adrian I know this”
Adrian: (laughing because he is NERVOUS) “ It’s Just…”

Well since Adrian is laughing Karla starts to laugh to because this shit is funny.

Adrian: “ Don’t laugh at me.”
Karla: (still laughing) “ I am not laughing at you.”
Adrian: “ Whatever…it’s just that when you gave me your number on Saturday I felt weird about calling you because I thought you were going to shoot me down.”
Karla: (still laughing) “ That’s right I was.”
Adrian: “ What you were?”
Karla: “ No you idiot I was just messing with you. I gave you my number because uh you are my friends and eh friends talk.”
Adrian (laughing): “ yeah that is right I just don’t want you to hold my past against me.”
Karla: “ You phucking criminal of course I am going to hold that against you.”
Adrian: “ What?”
Karla: “ I am just playing…why would I hold that against you? No one is perfect…not even me, relax dude it’s ok.”
Adrian: “oh alright.”
Adrian: “ You know the reason why I never said anything before was because of X”
Karla: “ X what does he have to do with this?”
Adrian: “ Well he is your cousin and that boy is crazy, soft but crazy.”
Karla: “ Ha ha that’s funny…damn you know that if you have a problem with him you just let me know and I will take care of it.”
Adrian: “ Nah it’s not like that it’s just that I don’t want to disrespect him.”

Right then everyone and their mama walked in and that was the end of the conversation. A few minutes later X, B and Danny FINALLY show up with the alcohol and everything is all right again. Once inside the house the fellas gather in the living room while the ladies hang out in the kitchen with the tequila.

Jenna: “ Adrian”
Adrian: “ What?”
Jenna: “ You have no limes fool…how are we suppose to drink this shit with no limes?”
Adrian: “ Damn girl it’s alright we will get you some limes calm down.”

After 5 minutes of fighting over who was going to the store to buy the damn limes. X and Doug leave for the store.

Jenna and E start taking tequila shots with out the limes. Adrian (being the smart man that he is) stay in the kitchen with the girls where he is teased and made fun of till no end.

Adrian: “ Why are you ladies always picking on me? I’m a nice guy”
E: “ Uh because we have known you for a long time.”
Jenna: “ Oh shut up Adrian you know you like it.”

Everyone then moves down to the basement were they listen to music, play air hockey or pool and just hang out. Karla notices the time and gets ready to go.

Karla: “ Alright ya I have to go. I will see you guys later.”
B: “ Your leaving?”
Karla: “ Yeah, I have to go to work tomorrow.”
Adrian: “ Nah just hang out for like 15 more minutes.”
Karla: “ Ha ha I wish but no I really have to go.”
Adrian: “ Alright then let me walk you out.”

So after saying goodbye to everyone Adrian walks Karla to her car.

Adrian: “ Is it weird that I am feeling you?”
Karla: “ What?”
Adrian: “ Is it weird?”
Karla: “ Ha ha no”
Karla: “ Hey are you going with us to La Rumba on Thursday?”
Adrian: “ Are you going?”
Karla: “ Yeah”
Adrian: “ Then yeah I’m going. Actually the only reason why I am going is because you are going.”
Karla: “ Oh”

Adrian is looking at Karla like he wants to kiss her and just when he is about to X and Doug show up.

Karla: “ Cono, X always knows how to ruin a moment.”
Adrian: ‘ Yeah I know.”
Karla: “ Well let me say bye to him and Doug.”

Karla says goodbye to X and Doug and just as she is walking back to her car B comes out to see what was taking Adrian so long. Adrian gives Karla a hug goodbye

Adrian: “ Umm is it ok if I call you tomorrow?”
Karla: “ Yeah”
Adrian: “ Alright”

Our Bachlorette goes home.

I won’t see any of those fool’s today because I have to work late and then I am going to the airport straight from work. My sister and my nieces are coming in to town for 2 weeks so I will be busy with them. We won’t have another installment of The Dominican Bachlorette until Friday.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

The Dominican Bachlorette

Tonight on the Dominican Bachlorette:

So today after work Karla runs out the door and drives as fast as she can to her job interview. Once Karla leaves said job interview (which she thinks went well but she wont know for sure until a few days) she checks her cell phone to find this voicemail:

Hey Mama it's B i was just calling to let you know that today is the 8th anniversary of Adrian's mom passing and instead of going to the club or something like that he would like for all his friends to come over and spend some time with him. We are going to be cooking and hanging out. I know you have that school thing (choir concert, one of my students is preforming) tonight but once that is done you should stop by. Anyways i will talk to you later. Peace.

What will our bachlorette do? Will she stop by Adrian's house? If she does what will happen inbetween B and Adrian when they are in the same room with the bachlorette after both of them have just confessed that they have "feelings" for her?

Tune in next week for our next installment.

(see Janette i went with you idea.)

Monday, May 23, 2005

This is not happening to me?

(Disclaimer: You might want to read the entry below this one to get the back story on this.)

OMG Mon you wanted an update well here you go...

So i called Adrian and he asked me to go out and get something to eat with him so i said "ok"

Well i went and met up with him at his house. When i got there Lee, James and Doug were there helping him fix his car.

After a while Doug and James left and then when we were leaving we dropped Lee off.

We went to eat at a Vietnamese resturant and the whole time we are talking and just hanging out we then go to Burger King and got some Hersey Sunday Pie and went back to his house to eat them outside in his front porch. He introduce me to just about ALL his neighboors and then i had to go home to get ready for work today. He asks me " Is it ok if i call you tomorrow?" I looked at him like he was crazy and said " Adrian are you serious of course it's ok" This boy is tripping all these years that i have known him and now he feels like he need to ask for my premisson to call me?

I call B to let him know that i made it home ok and then we started talking about some other things. While i was talking to B, Adrian calls him and says " Dog i really like her, I am reall feeling it but i just don't think i am worthy enough" I don't believe B when he tells me this.

Karla: " Worthy enough?? what does that mean?"
B: " It's hard to explain"

Well i hang up the phone with B because he was working and then he was going to Adrian's house so i let him go and i started to talk to Jessica.

About 9:58 p.m. my phone rings. It's B he has to talk to me.

Warning: You might want to sit down for this one. Also Sorry that it is kind of long.

B: " Karla?"

Karla: "Yeah, Hey B what's up?"

B: " umm...I can't believe i am doing this"

Karla: " What? What are you talking about? Whats up?"

B: " Man i can't believe i am making this call"

Karla: " B, What are you talking about?"

B: " Adrian just called me"

Karla: " ah ha and?"

B: " I can't believe i am doing this"

Karla: " B stop it, tell me what is going on? What happened to Adrian?"

B: " Damn i can't believe i am making this call"

Karla: " B, Stop it just tell me"

B: " Ok i need a moment"

Karla: " Ok"

B: (taking deep breaths)

Karla: " are you ok?"

B: " I can't belive i am doing this, out of all [insert racial epithet] we know this [insert racial epithet] has to ask me to do this."

Karla: " umm what are you talking about?"

B: "Ok Adrian just called and he is tripping over you."

Karla: " what?"

B: " Man, I CAN NOT believe i am telling you this"

Karla: " Just tell me B"

B: " Karla in all the years that we have known Adrian, i have never seen him act like this over a girl."

Karla: " what?"

B: " This is hard for me, I need a moment"

Karla:" ah ha"

B: (taking in more deep breaths)

B:" This dude is acting like a middle school girl who just found out that the guy she likes, likes her back"

Karla: " what?"

B: " This can't be happening?"

Karla: " B, Just get to the point"

B: " Damn this hurts, i can't believe i am doing this"

Karla: (takes a deep breath)

B: " Ok...he wants to know...."

Karla: " He wants to know what?"

B: " I can't believe this shit is happening now that i can't do anything?"

Karla:" He wants to know what?"

B: " I need a moment"

Karla: " uh ok"

B puts the phone down and walks away. I can still hear him walking around in his office and breathing deep.

B: " Ok i am back"

Karla: " Ok"

B: " I told that [insert racial epithet] to call you himself but he says that he can't"

Karla: " B what are you talking about?"

B: " Damn this is all X's fault"

Karla: "What are you talking about?"

B: " Adrian says that i can't go to his house unless i bring back something positive"

Karla: " What are you talking about?"

B: " Damn"

Karla: " Cono B just tell me"

Inside Karla's head (This is like middle school, what the hell is going on here?)

B: " He wants to know what you think about him?"

Karla: " What?"

B: " He says he can't sleep, he is like a phucking jitterbug."

Karla: " you have got to be kidding me?"

B: " Damn this is all X's fault, If i would not have listen to that [insert racial epithet] this situation would not be happening."

Karla:" ah ha"

B: " He wants to know if there is a chance you guys could go out on a real date."

B: " I can't believe i just said that."

Karla: " Ah...i can't believe this is happening"

B: " You see i told you Karla i told you these [insert racial epithet]'s were digging you but you didn't wan't to believe me."

Karla: " oh wow this is crazy."

B: (sounding like he was going to cry) " I'm sorry Karla i need a moment."

B: (taking deep breaths)

Karla: " Why doesn't he call me himself and ask me this?"

B: " that is what i am saying but he is says that he can't"

Karla: " ah ha....damn"

B: " Ok i am ready tell me what you think of him?"

Karla: " ah ha damn this is something else"

B: " Just tell me something Karla this dude is tripping over there"

Karla: " What can i say, i like Adrian as a friend and i would have to get to know him better before i can say wether there is something more there or not. Now there is a but i don't want him to get the wrong idea i am not trying to lead him on or anything like that. He has to make sure that he does not get ahead of himself and develope feelings for me and then end up all hurt when i don't. The last thing i want to do is end up hurting him."

B: " Ok that is a good answer"

B: " Do you want to know what i told him?"

Karla: " Umm i don't know...Do i?"

B: " I told that [insert racial epithet] that he better think about this shit before he trys anything else because you are not one of those little girls he is use to running around with."

B: " I told him that you are a real women and that if he was hurt when one of those little girls broke his heart then he would be destroyed if you ever broke his heart."

B: " I told him that you would Phuck him up and he would never be able to recover. I told him that you would walk all over him and that he would never be man enough to approch you again if he did this shit wrong."

Karla: " ah...wow...umm this is too much for me."

Karla: " What do you mean i will phuck him up and destroy him you make me sound...well you make me sound like some horrable women."

B: " No that is not it"

Karla: " Then what is it?"

B: " Damn i can not believe i am telling you this."

Karla: " oh not this shit again."

B: " I feel really uncomfrotable telling you this."

B: " I know excatly what he is talking about because i have been there. i have had those feelings for you and this shit sucks because now i can't have you and this hurts because i can't believe that i am the one who has to tell you."

Karla: " wow"

B: " yeah"

Karla: " umm...ok...this is to much for me... i am going to go i need to think about this."

B: " Yeah me to."

Karla: " are you going to be ok?"

B: " I don't know...yeah i will be fine."

Karla: " Umm...ok... i will talk to you later."

And that was then end of the conversation. I can't believe that my friend who likes me had my friend who is in love with me call me to tell me that he likes me.

i feel so bad for B i can't imagen what that was like for him. I can tell he was hurt and i know that it was hard for him to do that. OMG this is too much drama for me. Last night i just went to sleep. I could not think about it because if i would have then i would have never gotten to sleep.

So here i am the morning after at work listening to Lauryn Hill and think about this whole situation.

This Weekend...

Wow this has been a crazy weekend. In fact I am still recovering from everything that happened. This all started on Thursday night. Out of frustration, anger, sadness, etc I started to cry. I called Caro and I cried on the phone with her we talked until it was time to take Adonis to the airport.

Xavier and Jessica went with me. On the way to the airport Adonis noticed that I was cry and he said “Pero Karla don’t cry, damn I won’t leave if it means that you are going to stop crying, I will stay, I promise.” All together now Aww isn’t he so cute. Once I told him that while I was sad that he was leaving I was not crying because he was leaving he said, “ Whatever woman you know you want me.” That sent me into a fit of laughter.

We get to the airport and said our goodbyes and before Adonis went in to the security checkpoint he came back and slapped my butt and then walked away with this HUGE smile on his face. Of course everyone heard me say “ Cono Adonis what the hell was that?” as I rubbed my bottom. He just smiled and walked through the security checkpoint knowing damn well that I could not go back there and get him. The security guards were trying so hard not laugh and I think one even high five Adonis as he walked by.

Well then one the drive home I was reminded of why I was crying earlier and when I got home I ended up crying all over again. This time I talked to Jessica for a little while before I fell asleep on the floor. Hugging my tear stained pillow.

I had the day of Friday and spent most of my morning clean house and doing laundry. Then B called and we started talking he asked me if I was ok. So I asked him “ oh so X did tell you that I was crying last night” He said “ WHAT no…why where you crying?”

Karla (in her head CONO): umm it’s nothing never mind.
B: “Karla don’t give me that shit what happened?”
Karla: “ Don’t worry about it B it’s nothing”
B: “ Nothing my ass tell me what happened.”

So we go back and forth like that for a little while until I finally tell him what happened. He then goes one to tell me not to worry about it, that everything will be o.k. Blah. Blah and then he lets something slip.

B: “ Yeah plus we all agree that you are pretty much the perfect girl”
Karla: “ QUE and who is we?”
B: “ uh, um, uh… you weren’t supposed to know that.”
Karla: “ Really well it’s to late now, you already let it slip now you have to tell me who is we”

Now why did I do that? Why? Oh why? The boy starts talking and before long I know WAY too much. It was like opening a water faucet everything just came out. He defiantly let the cat out of the bag and if a few of the boys find out they won’t be happy with him.

B informed me that a few of our guy friends (six to be exact) either were in love with me or as he said “ really, really like you.” Umm let’s just say Karla was shocked and was not ready for all that. He went on to tell me in detail their conversation about me. It was toooooo much for me and I had to hang up on him. It was just too much for me; in fact it was kind of weird to think about the fact that my guy friends who I have known since high school thought about me that way.

Anyways I mention it to Jessica and she said “ check you out breaking hearts and you didn’t even know it”…LOL… damn right I didn’t know it. In fact I had no idea. Later on that night I went to Nataly’s house for dinner and we just hung out and B called me again and this time we talked for like 2 hours and during those 2 hrs he confessed that he had feeling for me and that he is not getting along with is wife because he wishes that she was more like me.

Whoa buddy hold on a second. Pump the brakes. Just stop. I had to quickly remind him that he could not do that to his wife. That it was not fair to her for him to do that to her. In fact we get into a whole discussion about that and that he could not make her into me because she was not me. That he had to love her for her and that of course his relationship with her was not going to work as long as he would not accept her for her.

On Saturday I spent the morning helping my mom cook, did some more cleaning and then I got ready for my uncle Luis’s birthday party at X’s house. All the boys were there and we had a great time. In fact I was the envy of all my girl cousins. Seeing as I know all the hot boys…lol… My friend Doug went and well Doug is one HOT Bourica. So after dancing with Doug, Lilly comes up to me and asks “ how does it feel to dance with the hottest guy in here?” I said “ What?” So she repeated the question and I said (laughing) “ Doug, you think Doug is hot?” She said “ Yeah”

So me being the great cousin that I am I got Doug to dance with Lilly when the song was over she came over to me and gave me a great big hug and said “ THANK YOU, THANK YOU.” Lol I have to point out that Lilly is like 10 and Doug is 23…lol…it was so funny. I think it was even funny when Doug said “ You, Oh I am going to get you. Your little cousin was schooling me while we were dancing. That’s not cool Karla how can you do that to me… a 10 yr old was dancing better then me. “ LOL I almost died laughing.

I regretted it like 2 seconds later because then all of my little cousins were asking me if I could get this guy to dance with them or that they thought this guy was cute. I was like whoa get me away for the youngling’s they were on full attack mood and it was just too much for me. Ay my poor friends they had all these 10, 12 and 13 yr olds after them. It was so cute and at the same time funny. My primitias have these huge crushes on my guy friends. They took like a million pictures of them.

So we kept dancing and talking and having a good time when Adrian looks over at me and says, “ We should get married?”

Karla: “ What?”
Adrian: “ We should get married?”
Karla: “ Oh really”
Adrian: “ Yeah”
Karla: “ ha ha ha ha ha”
Adrian: “ I’m serious girl you and me would have some cute Black/Dominican kids”
Karla: “ ha ha ha ha ha ha ha”
Adrian: “ What is so funny.”
Karla: “ You…hahah.. getting…hahaha.. married..haha”
Adrian” I am serious come on we will go to Tiffany’s right now and you can pick out any ring you want.”
Karla: “ ha ha…yeah ok whatever”
Adrian: (in a serious tone)“ Karla I am serious”
Karla: “Ha…umm your serious”
Adrian: (singing) “ Yeah, girl when I saw you across the room I know right then that I LOVE YOU.”
Karla: “ Ha ha I knew you were kidding.”
Adrian: “ No I am serious I am ready to settle down I am going to be 24 soon. “
Karla: “ ah yeah me to but I am in no hurry to get married”
Adrian: “ oh shut up and just agree to marry me.”
Karla: “ ha ha ha ha”
Adrian: “ I am taking that as a yes.”
Karla: “ha ha WHAT?”

He then walks away and proceeds to tell all of our friends that we are getting married which was greeted with a “ WHAT??” and “ Are you for real?”

B: “Karla are you really going to marry Adrian?”
Karla: “ No he is just messing with you guys.”

Umm or so I thought. The dude is serious he later asked me how many kids I wanted and where did I want to go for our honeymoon and where should we live and how were we going to spend the holidays and blah, blah. I looked at him and said “ Adrian how much have you had to drink tonight. “ He responded with “ Cono Karla I am not drunk and I am not kidding.”
Doug came up to me and said, “ ah so now you are going to marry him, I thought you loved me?”
Karla: “ ay not you too.”
Doug: “ Can I be your undercover lover then?”
Karla: “ ha ha ha ha…very funny Doug”
Then Doug kept winking at me all night and mouthing call me. That boy is too much.

Later on that night the boys went out to the clubs and I stayed behind to help Jessica clean up. That was a big deal the boys became very upset with me because of that and tried to convince me to go with them instead.

Doug: “ what your not going?”
Karla: “ no I am going to stay and help Jessica clean up”
Adrian: “ No come with us come on, I will buy you whatever you want.”
Karla: “ Ha ha no I am going to stay and help”
B: “ No you have to come you don’t hang out with us no more”
Karla: “ Whatever”
Danny: “ Yo when was the last time you hung out with us?”
Karla: “ umm like 2 weeks ago”
Adrian: “ no”
Karla: “ Yup in fact it was at your house” (pointing to Adrian)
Neamia: “ whatever shorty that don’t count”
Karla: “ha ha”Adrian: “ Yo why don’t you hang out with us like you use to?”
Karla: “ umm because I have this silly thing called a job and you guys party way to much for me I can’t hang with ya anymore.”
Adrian: “that is a sorry excuse”
James: “ Yo leave Karla alone if she doesn’t want to go, she doesn’t want to go that’s it.”
Karla: “ Thank You James.”
Doug: “ phuck that you NEED to come with us.”
Karla: “ Oh really?”
All together: “ Yeah”
Karla: “ ay whatever you guys go make it a boys night go drink, dance, hit on girls, have a good time. I will see you tomorrow.”
Neamia: “ Nah shorty I already told you that ain’t going to work you are coming.”
Karla: “ Damn yo what part of I am not going don’t you get?”
Doug: “ umm all of it”

So we go back and forth with this conversation until I agreed to go with them to La Rumba on Thursday night. They then left and I helped Jessica clean up.

While at the club Adrian told B “ Dog I really do have feelings for her, I am serious about us getting married. “ B said “ Adrian you really need to stop drinking.”…lol… You see the reason why no one is taking Adrian serious is because Adrian is the papi chulo of the group or as the young kids say in “ he’s a playa.” Adrian has a different girl with him every hour of the day. So its really hard for us to believe him when he says that he wants to get married.

Yesterday the guys had a softball game and I went for a little while but then I had such a bad migraine that I went home with in 10 min of the game starting. Once I got home Caro called me and we talked for a little while. After talking for a little while Desiree called Caro and Caro linked the calls so I was able to talk to Desiree for a little while. It was soo good to finally be able to speak to Desiree even if it was for a little while. The connection was bad so we had to cut the conversation short L While I was on the phone with Caro, Nataly called and said “ Hey Adrian is here looking for you.”

Karla: “ What?”
Nataly: “ Yeah Adrian is here at the game looking for you.”
Karla: “ Um ok”

So Nat and I hang up and I keep talking to Caro about her trip (so excited for her) and then I hear beep. I check and there is Adrian calling on the other line. So I switch over and he says, “ So I am here looking for you and you are not here.” I inform him that I am not feeling well and that I went home. He then says, “ Well go get some rest and if you feel better later on we can go out and get something to eat.” I said, “ umm ok” and went back to talking to Caro.

After I hung up with Caro I went and took a quick nap and when I woke up I felt much better by then EVERYONE and their mother was at my house for dinner the game had ended and we won 9-3. Woot! Adrian was over then and we sat and ate and talked and then I had to go and watch my show Desperate Housewives.

Adrian: “ You mean you are going to ditch me for a TV. Show?”
Karla: “ Hell yeah”
Adrian: “ that is so wrong.”
Karla: “ ha ha”
Adrian: “ I can’t believe you”
Xavier: “ Adrian shut up you do the same thing when it comes to the O.C.”
Karla: “ wait a minute you watch the O.C.?”
Adrian: “ Yeah it’s a good show.”
Karla: “ ah”
Adrian: “Yo you can’t talk shit about the O.C.”
B: “ Dog I think you are the ONLY black man in America that watches the O.C.’
Everyone: “ ha ha ha ha ha ha ha”
Adrian: “ whatever you’re just hating.”
X: “ hating on what the O.C. no dog I don’t think so.”
Karla: “ ah leave him alone everyone has their thing.”

So I made them watch Desperate Housewives with me and during commercials I would explain the show to Adrian and tell him what was going on.

After Desperate housewives was over the boys wanted to go to the movies to see Unleashed. Again I had to turn them down because one I still had a migraine and two I had to come to work today.

Adrian: “ ah don’t start with that you are coming with us to the movies”
Karla: “ Dude I have to work tomorrow”
Adrian: “ At what time do you have to work?”
Karla: “ 7 but I have to be up by 5:30 in the morning.”
Adrian: “Good lord that’s early”
Karla: “ yeah I know”
Adrian: “ damn that’s what you get for being a teacher.”
Karla: “ ha ha yeah”
Adrian: “ so you really are not going to go”
Karla: “ I am really not going to go”
Adrian: “ ah come on I will buy you popcorn and bonbons and whatever else you want.”
Karla: “ ha ha that is tempting but I have to go to work tomorrow”
Adrian: “ well who the hell told you to be a teacher”?
Karla: “ umm I think it was the same person who told you to go into real estate.”
X and B: “ ha ha ha ha she told you.”

With that they left I had to agree to call Adrian today or else he would not have never left me alone about the whole movie thing.

Saturday, May 21, 2005

Last weekend

So last weekend while Adonis was here we went out on Firday night before we left Adonis played some Halo 2....
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
and Jessica played some pool.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Karla and Lenny at the Blue Ice
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Then on Saturday after partying all night we went up to vail. Here is a veiw on the way to vail.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
We stopped to take pictures
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Adonis and Jessica

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Yup there is still lots of snow up there.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

We saw a fox on the way there.
Damn we are up high.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com


Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Adonis and Me.
One last look at the mountains on the way back
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
We ended the weekend with a little softball...
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Xavier and Adonis warming up.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Adonis at bat.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Look he made it to first base.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

The fans

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Nataly, baby Alex and Jessica

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Nataly and Jessica with Adonis after the game.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Bag Lady

I normally don't do this but the lyrics to this song just got to me. If you get a chance go and listen to this song.

"Bag Lady"
By:Erykah Badu

Bag lady you gone hurt your back
Dragging all them bags like that
I guess nobody ever told you
All you must hold on toI
s you, is you, is you

One day all them bags gone get in your way
One day all them bags gone get in your way
I said one day all them bags gone get in your way
One Day all them bags gone get in your way

So pack light
Pack light
Pack light
Ooh ooh

Bag lady you gone miss your bus
You can't hurry up
Cause you got too much stuff
When they see you comin
Niggas take off runnin
From you it's true oh yes they do

One day he gone say you crowdin my space
One day he gone say you crowdin my space
I said one day he gone say you crowdin my space
One day he gone say you crowdin my space

So pack light
Pack light
Pack light
Ooh ooh

Girl I know sometimes it's hard
And we can't let go
Oh when someone hurts you oh so bad inside
You can't deny it you can't stop crying
So oh, oh, oh
If you start breathin
Then you won't believe it
You'll feel so much better
(So much better baby)

Bag lady
Let it go, let it go, let it go, let it go
Ooh, ooh
Girl you don't need it
I betcha love can make it better
Betcha love can make it better
Betcha love can make it better
(Need someone to love you right)
Betcha love can make it better
(I betcha love, betcha love)
Betcha love can make it better
Betcha love can make it better
Betcha love can make it better
Betcha love can make it better
(I betcha love, betcha love)
Betcha love can make it better
(I betcha love, I betcha love, oh)
Betcha love can make it better
Betcha love can make it better
Betcha love can make it better...

Bag lady, hmm
Let it go, let it go, let it go, let it go
Girl you don't need that, hmm

Lyrics thanks to http://www.azlyrics.com

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Jealous, Hating or Both?

Jessica’s brother Adonis is here visiting. He has been here for a couple of days and we have been doing the tourist thing. We went downtown on Friday on Saturday I took him to Vail and tomorrow we are going to Colorado Spring to see the Garden of the Gods.

Since it has been a while since the last time I saw Adonis (I was 10 he was maybe 7) we have been playing catch up since now he is 20 and I am 23. Well Adonis has a girlfriend back home (Dominican Republic) he has been a good boyfriend and called her every day since he had been here. Well on Sunday I asked Adonis if he wanted to go to the mall since he had mentioned that he wanted to buy a few things. At that time I did not notice that he was talking to his girl (on-line) he told her that he would talk to her later because he was going to go to the mall with me.

The girl flipped out and started asking him all these questions, “Who is Karla?” “ How do you know her?” Blah, Blah. This chic was seriously jealous of me. Adonis had to explain the whole situation to her and even then she was still pissed and jealous. So we did not get to go to the mall because Adonis had to explain the whole situation to his girl.

Once I saw how upset she was getting I left and let Adonis handle his business. Jessica comes upstairs laughing and says “ I can’t believe her she is really jealous of you.” “ Oh Karla look what you did?”

Well yesterday the chic calls to talk to Adonis and she is giving me attitude on the phone. I could not believe it. This chic is really jealous of me and I did not even do anything to her. I mean damn I have known Adonis for YEARS. He even told her that and he mention that I was older then him and probably not interested plus he told her that I was not that kind of a girl and that she had nothing to worry about and still this girl is hating on me. I mean HATING.

Last night while we where watching T.V. he was talking to her on-line I did not know that he had the web cam on and it just happened to be that I was sitting next to him. She totally flipped out on him again. “Who is sitting next to you?” when he told her it was me she said “ Oh I see tu con tu corro…” oh she was pissed. Which then pissed him off and he started to move the web cam around to show her that there were other people in the room with us. She did not care she was still pissed. I have no idea why she thinks that there is something going on between him and me, because umm there is not and don’t get me wrong Adonis is HOT but I wont go there and he knows that.

Bursting in Flames

Sorry that i was M.I.A. yesterday. The school that i work for caught on fire and we had to evacuate so i did not get a chance to write and entry yesterday.

Everyone is ok and the school is alright the fire started in the storage area behing the stage and thankfully the sprinkler system turned on and that help countain the fire to just that area. So we stood outside in 80 degree weather for 2 and a half hours with hormonal, crazy, middle schoolers who were freaking out because they thought they were going to die even though they were outside and away from the fire before they sent us home. Yay for getting out of work early. Well kind of us teachers had to come back and get our stuff and blah, blah the whole place smelled of smoke and water and it was just gross.

Oh and before anyone ask no there were no cute fireman, police officers or EMTS. Trust me i checked.

So i went home and just hung out till it was time for me to go to my second job. Today we are back at work and the kids all want to see the "damage" that the fire made and we have to have a "classroom talk" about what happened yesterday.

I have an entry that i have been working on that i am going to try to post on here today.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Taking a Break

So i am going to take a break from this whole weight lost thing for a while. Lately i have become so frustrated with the whole thing. Here it is almost a whole year of working out and eating right and i still have not lost weight. Well i should not say that i did manage to lose six pounds but depending on the week those six pounds seem to come back. I am tired of yo-yoing and i just feel like i need to take a step back and re-evaluate the situation.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

When did this happen?????

Image hosted by Photobucket.com


Could someone please tell me when this happened? When did our grandparents become so old?  Since when did the pillars of our family need canes to support themselfs?

Papa is 90 yrs old and he never looked like it until a few months ago. 

Why is that when you are younger you think your grandparents are immortal? They are never going to get sick much less die, but then you get older and someone shows you a picture like this and you wonder when did this happen? when did my inpiration and role models become so old? Since when did papa need a cane to get around? and since when does mama look like that?

All these questions run through your mind until you look at the picture again, closer this time and then you notice that they are all smiling. That's when it hits you they have lived a long and happy life. Yes they had their trials and tribulations but in the end they are still smiling.

Friday, May 06, 2005

This Weekend...

This weekend I am going to my cousin Angelica's graduation party. She graduates from college today and we are going out to party afterwards.

On Saturday I am going to the supermarket to go pick up some last minute things that i need for the package that i am sending to Gaby in Iraq. On Sunday I plan to just sit on the couch and watch t.v. until it's time to go to the guys softball game.

To end this post i am includng a pic of Gaby in Iraq he is the one on the left second row.  Please pray that my primito and all of our other soldiers out there comes home safe and hopefully soon.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Are there any ugly people in our family??

Image hosted by Photobucket.com


Upon seeing this picture of my cousin Javier yesterday my friend said " Seriously are there ANY ugly people in your family?" I laughed and said " What??" She said " I mean really, you are beautiful and everyone from you family that i have met so far has been beautiful like..

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

"Your cousin's that came to visit (Caro and Nat) They were also beautiful i mean really are there any ugly people in your family?"

Again i laughed and said " Girl you are going crazy of course there are ugly people in my family there is always an ugly person in everyone's family. " She laughed this time and said " ah sure i believe it when i see it. "

So i showed her some pic's of different family member's and said " You see i told you there are no ugly people in your family." I said " what do you mean? yes there is" and she said " no because even the ugly people in your family are good looking."

So then she kept talking about how hot Javi was so i showed her....

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

This pic of Javi out of his uniform and well she almost died on me. She called an other one of my co-workers over who also thought that Javi was hot and that there are no ugly people in my family.

Well i don't know what to say i guess we just have really good genes.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Where did my readers go?

Well i lately i have been feeling like an outsider here in the Blogging world. Some of my blog friends no long comment on my blog. I know that they are still around and that they are doing ok because i read their entries and comment and i see that they leave comments on other peoples blog but it seems like mines is being avoided. Did i say something that offended my readers? Could someone fill me in on what is going on?

Just because...

So for most of last week I was feeling kind of lonely. It was weird because even though I was feeling lonely I wasn’t alone. During that time there were people around me but yet i felt lonely. Yeah, like I said it was weird. Well usually when I get down like that I watch Sex and the City and that is what I did. I made myself a glass of rum and coke changed in to my p.j’s and sat down to watch the girls.

Jessica came in towards the end of season 2 and once it finished we started talking about everything before we know it it was 2 in the morning and Jessica had to go home.

On Saturday I picked Jessica up so that we could pick up some last minute things for X’s surprise birthday party. The party was a hit; we had a lot of fun. We drank too much, ate too much, dance and laughed a ton. Everyone had a good time.

On Sunday I went to Anabel’s first communion and then we went to Applebee’s afterwards. I wish you guys could see how cute baby Alex is. He has grown so much. After stuffing my face at Applebee’s I went home to watch my Sunday shows (Extreme Makeovers: Home Edition, Desperate Housewives and Grey’s Anatomy) towards the end of Grey’s Anatomy B calls me to tell me that his grandmother had just passed away.

We talked for a little while and then he told me that he would like for all of his friends to come over and visit him on Monday.

So yesterday I took the day off from work and went to hang out with my friend. Before I left I got a call from X saying that B’s wife’s grandfather had just passed away. Now that was weird. B’s grandmother dies on Sunday and then his wife’s grandfather passes on Monday. X, Jessica and I went over to B’s to spend sometime with them. When we got over there I was surprise to find that both B and his wife were in good spirits. So we hung out for a little bit and then B suggested that we all go out to dinner later on because they really needed to be with their friends right now.

So Adrian offered up his house and we all gathered there at 7. So we all get there, agree on getting Popeye’s for dinner and just hang out. The boys were just cracking jokes on each other and everyone was having a good time. In total we were about 15 people out of those 15 there were 6 girls. B’s wife, Adrian’s girlfriend, Brian’s fiancĂ© and her cousin, B’s daughter and me.

All six of us ladies are sitting down in the dinning room eating our chicken and hanging out when one of the boy’s comes in and tries to steal our jalapenos. Since he was not listening to the other girls I had to tell him how it was. Well he putt’s the jalapenos back where he found them and says “ Sorry Kara” and walks off. The girls all look at me and then start throwing all these crazy question at me.

“ Why is it that he only listens to you?”

“ How come when you ask/tell him to do something he does it but when I ask him I have to bitch at him forever just to get him to do it?”

“ He does not do that for me but he will do it for you?”

“Why is it that when something happens he calls you or tells you about it before he tells me? “

At first it was all in fun and joking with them I would say “ I just got it like that” but soon I could tell that it was really bothering these girls that I had so much “ control” over their men and they didn’t.

They just kept asking me questions and to tell you the truth I did not have an answer for them. I told them that most of that stuff was not true that the boys don’t always listen to me and they don’t always do what I tell them to do. They looked at me like I was crazy. “ Oh yes they do.” Was the response I got and then “ it’s all about Karla, Karla, Karla” I had to laugh at that one. I told the girls “ Ha no it’s not trust me.” B’s wife told me “ umm yeah it is.”

Now they wanted me to give them an answer but I did not have one for them. So I gave them the best response I could think of “ I really don’t know why they listen to me and all that other stuff. It could just be because I know them for a longer period of time. Remember I know a lot of these boys since middle school.” Well that was not a good enough of an answer so they ask B and Anthony and of course they gave the best answer of “ I don’t know” and “ It’s just cause she is Karla I can’t explain it.” “ Yeah it’s just because she is Karla” Jeez thanks guys. That was a lot of help. The girls asked, “ what is that suppose to mean” I was wondering the same thing.

Somehow we were able to change the subject and move away from that topic. Even though we changed the subject that was still on my mind. Mostly because it’s not true or at least I don’t see it that way. I really don’t have any kind of control over anyone and what does “it’s just because she is Karla” suppose to mean?
Oh Miami guy is no longer coming to Denver. His sister is getting married in D.R. and he is going to the wedding. So it looks like Don Omar has me all to himself.

Monday, May 02, 2005


B's grandmother passed away last night. I am going to go and spend some time with him today. I have some stuff to write about but right now it is going to have to wait.