Thursday, January 25, 2007

Nadie Dijo Que La Vida Es Facil, Pero Dejame Vivir

It's been a bad week.

A really bad week.

Don't get me wrong most things are still good. This is going to sound childish but what the hell, I need to vent. That is why I have this blog no? Anyways everyday for the last two months I have been accused of being or doing just about everything. I have been called ever name in the book (In English and Shit I think I have been called a few that are not even in the book. At first it was funny. I laughed it off when one of my aunts or my mom would ask me if some rumor about me or one of my cousins was true. I have to admit some of them where good, that is what made them funny. By the second week it was annoying. Two months later it is pissing me off.

I am sick of being second guessed. I am tired of people who should know better, who know me better listening to and even worse believing these rumors. I am tired of defending myself. It gets old when you have to do it every day. Some time more then once.

On top of that things at work went down hill this week.

I am just sick of people.

Shit, I need a vacation. I need to go somewhere warm. Away from snow.

I am sick of snow.

Ok, I am done venting now. I am going to take my grumpy self to bed.

By the way this is my 300th post. Yay!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Two Years Already?

So two years ago today, I started this little blog. OMG, Where did the time go?

The other day I was reading through some old post and could not help but laugh at myself. I also noticed how much I have grown in the last two years. I want to thank the people who read this blog or who have read this blog at one point in time. Thank you for your comments and advise at one point or an other.

Anyways before I get all sappy and stuff.

Happy Two Year Anniversary Real Women Have Curves!

Friday, January 12, 2007

While I Spend These Hours...

The other night I went out to dinner with two of my high school friends. I have not seen them in seven years. I am not going to lie, I was nervous about hanging out with them. It has been a while since the last time I saw them so I was not sure of what to expect.

I stopped by my house to pick up the gifts I had for them and headed out for the restaurant where we were going to meet up. They were already there waiting for me. After a quick Hello we were seated.

Our waitress was umm how can i say this nicely, not all there. It took more then 10 minutes just to order our drinks and appetizers. We caught up and it was nice to be with people who knew me way back when. We spent most of the night saying " Do you remember..." or " What happened to..." which were usually followed by " No way, Shut up" and " Really" Before we left, I gave them the gift I had for them which is a picture of our little group from way back when. They loved it. After making plans to meet up again we part ways and as I headed home I thought about how nice it was to see them again and to catch up.

In other news:

So here is a random survey that I stole from Caro. Since she said that I had to post.

1. What is your middle name?
I am so cool that I don't have one.

2.How big is your bed?
A lovely queen size.

3. What are you listening to right now?
"Clocks" by Coldplay

4. What are the last 4 digits in your cellphone number?
Umm, Why?

5. What was the last thing you ate?

6. Last person you hugged?
Umm, Bianca? I think?

7. How is the weather right now?
Freezing, Dayum Colorado.

8. Who was the last person you talked to on the phone?

9. The first thing you notice about the opposite sex?
Their smile.

10. Favorite type of Food?
All of them. I love food in general that is why I am a fat kid.

11. Do you want children?

13. Ever get so drunk you don't remember the entire night?

14. Hair color?

15. Eye color?

16. Do you wear eye contacts?
Yup, but the fact that my vision sucks might have something to do with it.

17. Favorite holiday?

18. Favorite Season?

19. Have you ever cried over a boy/girl?

20. Last Movie you watched, Who was it with?
Coach Cater with Gobble.

29. What books are you reading?
None right now, but I am going to start "Across a Hundred Mountains" soon.

31. Favorite Movie?
My Big Fat Greek Wedding because it reminds me of my crazy family.

32. Favorite college football team?
Don't have one. I don't watch football. Sorry.

33. What were you doing before filling this out?
Talking to Caro.

34. Any pets?
Not yet.

35. AIM?
Yes, and I love it.

36. Dogs or cats
How about fishes? Dogs are ok though.

38. Favorite Flower?

40. Have you ever loved someone?

41. Who would you like to see right now?
Mis Abuelos and Panda.

43. Have you ever fired a gun?
Not yet but will do this summer.

44. Do you like to travel by plane?
Yes, I love planes. I know I am weird like that.

45. Right-handed or Left-handed?

46. If you could go to any place right now where would you go?
Some place warm.

48. Are you missing someone?

49. Do you have a tattoo?

50. Do you still watch cartoons on Saturday mornings?
Nope, I am not home when they are on. It is all about the Costco run with the crazy old lady upstairs.

51. Are you hiding something from someone?
Yes, who isn't?

52. Are you 18?

53. What is the wallpaper on your cellphone?
An hourglass.

54. Did you get enough sleep last night?
No, I never get enough sleep.

55. First thing you thought about this morning?
"Why is it so cold?"

56. What do you have handy on your bedside table?
A lamp, alarm clock, Chapstick and a book.

57. Grilled or Fried?
Depends on what it is.

58. What makes you unique?
Besides everything?

60. Are you afraid of the dark?

61. Favorite hangout?

62.Things you cant live without?
Music, Books, My family, My friends.

63. First thing you will buy if given $1000.00?
A plane ticket for a trip around the world.

64. Favorite song?
Minutos By Ricardo Arjona

65. What are you afraid of?
I cant tell you.

66. Are you a giver or taker?
Both, but I like giving more then taking. So I guess that makes me a giver.

67. What are your nicknames?
Karla,Kar, Karlita, Lita, Katalina, Odessa (Long Story), Lini Packet. I am sure that I am missing a few.

68. What is your dad's middle name?

69. What is your mother's middle name?

70. Stuck on a deserted island & could bring one thing?
I want to know who made up the one thing rule?

71. Favorite TV commercial?
The Frontier Airline ones. They crack me up.

72. Who is your cell phone provider?
Cingular. Love the bubble.

73. First thing you'll save in a fire?
Hmm good question. There are a lot of things.

74. Favorite color?

75. What is one thing you always bring with you?
My cell phone and ipod.

76. What did you want to be when you were a kid?
A teacher.

77. What do you usually do when the clock reads 7:00am?
Press the snooze button for like the tenth time.

78. The color of your bedsheets?

79. Who do you want to meet?
My great-grandparents.

80. What do you think about before you go to bed?
I usually pray before I go to bed.

There you have it Caro. I updated.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

A Christmas Story with Pictures

I hope you are ready for a lot of pictures of the same group of people.

It was a few weeks before Christmas and all through the house everyone was moving about. Come one now we are anyways back to the story.

It was off to the airport to pick up Caro and her friends, a few days later it we headed off for some ice skating.

The group shot. Chrissy is sending you kisses.

Nataly, Caro and Chrissy hit the ice.

Weeee Ice Skating.

Joe had a good time.

Dont ask me what Nataly and Chrissy are doing to that

Caro and Nataly posing for the camera.

Caro and Chrissy are going pro.

After all that skating it was time to eat.

Chrissy, Jessica and Nataly.


The next day we were invited to my aunt Magarita's house for dinner.

That's Magarita the party start and Caro's future.

Caro and Nat hit up the wine.

Then Maga brought out the Don P.

We stopped drinking long enought to share some stories...

I love this

But we went back to the drinking eventually.

The next day we piled into Maga's minivan and headed to Vail.

The drive up.

Us ladies.

Where Chrissy showed us that she is in fact a rockstar.

When Chrissy got here her mother told her not go ice fishing because she might fall in. It became a long running joke with us. On the way to Vail we saw some people ice fishing and decided to stop to take a picture for Chrissy's mom. We found a nice couple who let us join them.

Before we went Ice Fishing.

Looking for a fish.

The fish Chrissy caught.

We then piled back into the van, laughing and agreeing on the fact that that was the coolest thing ever.

We made it to Vail.

Chrissy and Nat made snow angles.

I bet you did not know that there are snow pirates.

Jessica and Chrissy built a snowman.

Then stopped for some tea.

Before our snowball fight.

Umm, Nat you are not suppose to eat the snow.

Later on that night we got ready for a night on the town.

These two gentlemen had to escort all of these lovely ladies around town.

Chrissy and Jessica went back to Cali a few days later and we got hit with a blizzard.

That is just the front yard.

You guessed it even more snow.

When we were finally able to get out we went over to Joe's and Nat's for a game night.

Nataly is trying to teach Caro how to play Yahtzee.

Since that did not happen we hit up Candy Land.

On Christmas Eve,

The boys got dressed up.

As did the girls. So we could...

Update the TF5 picture before...

We hit up some Clue.

This picture is glorious.

Caro and Nat dancing bachata.

Joe and Gabe doing Dick in a box. First attempt.

They finally got it right the second time around.

A few days later we got even more snow and so on the day we could get out we went to Joe's and Nat.

Where we discovered that Caro is really Lady Cana: The failed Dominican Superhero...

and Ian is the Gate Keeper.

Lady Cana and the Gate Keeper got into an epic battle that i can not show here. Sorry.

Us on New Years Eve.

I hope that everyone had a wonderful holiday. Happy New Year!