Friday, July 29, 2005

Cali Sucias

So a while ago i posted about how my co-worker thought there were no

ugly people on my family and i mentioned how i had a few cousins

stationed in Cali who are in the Marines. Someone  asked me for a

pic and at that time i did not have one but now i do. Here is a pic of

my primo Marcus cono su mami....ay que lindo!  Yes he is single so

if any Cali chic's want me to hook them up let me know. 
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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Quiz Time

Ok so i am copying J and Reese. Here is my quiz let see how you do.

Take my Quiz on!

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

New Look

So i was getting tired of all the orange so i changed the template of my blog yet again. When i did it erased all my link so no i am going to have to redo those. Other then that there not much to tell.

On Saturday Caro and I drove up to Estes Park to watch Elieen in her play. We have a lot of fun driving up there, and Elieen did a wonderful job. I loved the play. It was so nice to finally be able to meet Elieen and her wonderful family.

We drove back Sunday afternoon after going to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Which was good better then i expected. It was raining so hard here in Denver when we got back. Caro and i were hungry so we stop at Applebees. That was my weekend.

Update: I have most links up. If i am missing your link please let me know i should be done with links by manana.

Friday, July 22, 2005

It's getting hot in heerrre

Well actually outside it is but you get my point. Who turned up the sun? Damn it's hot out there. If we keep having 100 and something degree days here in Denver pretty soon we are going to go from original to extra crispy. Goodness it's hot.

Well I am finally doing better even though I still can't lift anything but I can walk and stand and go up and down stairs without crying in pain. The only side affect I am having from the Vicodin is that I feel really dizzy sometimes and like I want to throw-up. (I know you guys so wanted to know that.) Other then that everything is A-O.K.

I also have to attribute part of my quick recovery to Enrique my new crush for the week. This tipo (desiree :) ) is HOT just like the weather here in Denver lately. Like I said before my parents own a small business were they sell produce to restaurants and carncieras around the state. Enrique works in a restaurant called "Cuba, Cuba" he is the head chef.

Well Gabe and I had to take a delivery there and my goodness why didn't anyone tell me about the hot Cuban men? ( Kim, You have been holding out on me) Enrique is tall, muscular has blue eyes and blonde hair cut in a buzz cut and now he has a nice tan because he just got back from Miami. ( Why are all the hot guys in Miami?) ay dios mio one look at him and I was healed...LOL. Coño Caro we are going to have to go and have dinner there one night.

Now the funny thing is that I have talked to Enrique on the phone like a million times. Since i work with my dad I am the one who answers the phone and takes orders andI thinkI have even seen him once before but from a distance. Today was the first time that I have seen him up close and damn he is fine. NowI know where all the men in Denver have been hiding.

Don't worryI have not dropped Julio yet he is still going to be my future husband but umm Enrique is closer so umm yeah.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

I'm Cool

You like me, You really like me!!! Oh man i was cool enough to be tagged. Aww i feel special. Thanks Desiree.

Ok here we go...

How many books do you own?
Ha ha you are funny, do you really expect me to count allllll those book? I didn't think so. Let just say i live at BN.

What is the last book you bought?
" The Devil Wear Prada" By Lauren

What is the last book you read?
The last book I read completely was "Can You Keep a Secret" by Sophie Kinsella. Awsome book i was laughing the whole time i was reading it.

What’s the one book that you can’t wait to read?
"Azucar Moreno" by Shelley Hallima. I have heard a lot of good things about this book and i can't wait to read it.

What 5 books are most important to you?

Hmmm...this is a hard one to answer because there are sooo many books that i love but here are my top 5.

1. "In The Time of the Butterflies" by Julia Alvarez
This was the first Julia Alvarez book that i had read and i feel in love with her writing and i have been a fan ever since.

2. " Good in Bed" by Jennifer Weiner

I love, love, love , love this book.

3. " Pride and Prejudice" By Jane Austin

Carito made me read this one and i loved it. I am glad that she " bully" me into reading it.

4. " The Five People You Will Meet in Heaven" by Mitch Albom

I heart this book. My sister lend it to me so i could read it and i read it in one sitting. I cried like a baby while reading this book.

5. " Last Chance Saloon" By Marian Keyes

Karina ( my prima) gave me this book and i am glad she did. I love this book and i am now a huuuuuuuuge Marian Keyes fan.

Ok now i tag Gabe, Jessica and Marissa

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Go Karina, It's Your Birthday...

Well last it was umm like last week but anyways. So Tuesday since it was Karina's birthday we all went out to the Purple Martini. Yes i know what you are thinking "um Karla isn't that the place you went to last time for yet other cousin birthday and isn't this the place that you found out that there was something wrong with the men in Denver?" Yes this is the place and yes there is still something wrong with the men in Denver but we will get to that in a moment.

So like i mention in my previous post everyone and their madre had a birthday on Tuesday. So early on Tuesday Karina sends me a text message telling me that we are all meeting up at the Purple Martini for her birthday and if i could please do her a favor and invite Adrian and B. I say sure and i then call B and tell him about it plus i asked l him to let Adrian know because Adrian for some reason is not answering my calls and has been acting childish. Bueno i didn't say all of that but i sure as hell thought it. Anyways i guess B could read my mind because we got into a heat discussion about Adrian and all this other crap. In the end he ended up seeing things my way :)

Anyways so we all get ready and we are on the way to the Purple Martini when X calls B to see where he is at. B tells X that he was sleeping and that he won't be able to make it. So then X calls Adrian and Adrian says yeah that he is going but to give him a little time to finish getting ready. Here is the thing about Adrian and his "time to get ready" he is like a freaken girl. No wait he takes longer then a girl to get ready. I understand that he wants to look good and lord knows i love it when guys take the time to look good BUT when the dude takes longer then me to get ready there is a problem.

So we get to the Purple Martini and we meet up with Karina and Ro (her boyfriend) and a few of her co-works so we are hanging, dancing, drinking having a good time and when half an hour has passed X calls Adrian to see where he is at. Adrian says that he is "on his way" ok so whatever we keep hanging out and then like two hours later Jessica says " Hey wait a minute isn't Adrian suppose to be coming?" so then X calls him and Adrian asks who is there and after X is done telling him who was there he says that he is not going to come. X ask him why. What Adrian's respons was i don't know but the next day B told me that X told him that Adrian did not go because he was scared of me. What the phunk?

Anyways back to the party. For a Tuesday night the Purple Martini was kind of empty in fact there were NO cute guys at all and we ladies had the bad luck of being out with two cute guys who were 1.) taken and 2.) didn't dance. Yup that is right Ro and X don't dance unless you force them too. So we end up dancing in a big circle together i mean what else could we do. So then about 2 1/2 hrs after we were there an ok looking guy shows up. He plays for the Colorado Rockies and he is dominican and X knows him. Yes score! or so we thought. It turns out that this dude is more intressted in X then in the eight girls sitting at our table. Yup the dude was gay. Damn!

Bueno so we keep on dancing and hanging out when it is time to go home. Yup we go home empty handed yet again. Now don't get me wrong there were some guys who were checking us out this time but did they do anything about it other then just stare? Nope they didn't they just sat there. Hello what is wrong with you guys ? i mean come on eight girl out for a night on the town, ok two of them are taken but that still leave six single sexy chicas and umm let see there were four of you sooo umm like what the hell were you waiting for? I think we got more play from the gay guy then from the straight guys who were sitting right next to us. I mean really? That is pretty damn sad if you ask me.

While we were at the Purple Martini and after a few drinks i called Miami Guy to say "Happy Birthday" (since it was his birthdayalso on Tuesday). Well the punk did not pick up so i left him a message and i guess it was a damn good message because he called me back the next day early.

I was in school when he called so he left me a message. I don't know what was wrong with him but the dude was nervous when he left me his message. I called him back and yet again he did not answer so now we are playing phone tag.

Well there is a new club in town in is soo cool that you have tobe invited to join. It is the I HATE KARLA club. Yup that is right there is an I HATE KARLA club if anyone wants to join let me know i will hook you up with the right people. They have super cool t-shirts and all. This cool club started last weekend during the guys softball game.

I don't know what the hell i did or how i did it but i manage to upset and piss off all of my firends and family in like 5 sec the only person talking to me that day was Caro so now there is an I HATE CARO club as well. If you want you can be super cool and join both clubs. I really wish i could tell you more about it but i can't because i still have no idea why the hell everyone was/ is mad at me about.

Ok now on to the good stuff everyone wants to know about this Julio guy.

Julio is Jessica's friend. He lives in the Dominican Republic part of the time ( he is going to school there to be a surgen) and the other part of the time he lives in New York. Not only is Julito a surgen(or he will be soon) but he is also a model and owns his own entertanment company. He comes from a good family and he is just all around hot.

This dude is soo hot. I am going to try to scan the pic of him that i have seen in here so you guys can see him. Did i mention that he is hot? Julio is tall, has tons of mucles and carmel skin with sexy green eyes *sight, drooling* Cono this tipo is hot. So not only is he hot but i think the best part about him is his personality. He is the sweetest, nicest guy i have ever met plus he has a deep sexy voice and i have decide that we are going to get married. He doesn't know it yet but we are :) He told Jessica that he is coming to visit in August. Which is cool because that means that i can finally meet him in person and not just talk to him over the phone. So if i am M.I.A during the month of August you guys know what happened i am in Julio land.

I am..

What kind of jewel are you?


You are the epitome of loveliness. Your friends secretly hope to learn from you what makes you so beautiful, both inside and out.

Personality Test Results

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I think it fits... I known you were all jealous of me...just kidding.
I got this from tannia.

My Back

Well i was super cool this weekend and pulled a muscle in my back which ment that my cool cousins had to drive me to the E.R. on sunday night because i was in sooo much pain that i was crying. Bueno after been there forever i was sent home with some drugs. Woot! My cool cousins made me a super cool video to watch so that i would feel better you can check it out on Caro's blog.

I have been home all week just laying down and taking my drugs. I have watch ever season of sex and the city and have read every magazine i have in my house. So now i am bored. The first few days i could not even walk thankfuly i can now go up and down stairs and walk but not for a long period of time. It is so weird to just be laying down and not doing anything. I am not use to that.

I want to thank everyone for their get well wishes.

*Jessica: i am working on the "future post" for you it should be up soon.*

Friday, July 15, 2005

I'm Here

I'm here, I'm here, I promise i am. No i have not fallen in to a black hole i promise i haven't.

This summer has been crazy. In-between going to school and now working for my dad i have had NO free time at all.

So what has been going on let see...

My parents own their own business and it is small enough that all they need it was two emploees to run the business. Well last week both employee quit they are both family friends and they are both moving back to New York. So now Gabe and I are the ones who go and help my dad run the business until he can hire someone else or until i have to go back to work. Which ever comes first. So that is where i spend most of my time now working.

Umm what else oh yeah a quick Happy Birthday too...

Julio ( my future husband, who i will tell you all about in a future post)- July 11

Karina (mi prima)- July 12
Adonis ( mi amor frustrado)- July12
Miami Guy- July 12

( I know i am a little late on those but oh well.)

Happy Anniversary to...

Mami and Papi- 36 yrs on July 12

ummm what is going on with everyone's birthday been on the 12? I mean really?

Ok so soon i am going to post an entry about going to the Purple Martini for Karina's birthday on Tuesday and how there is still something wrong with the guys in Denver. How Adrian did not go to Karina's birthday party because he is scared of me or he feels uncomfortable around me, how ever you want to phrase it and what happend when i called Miami Guy for his birthday and the cool message he left me the next day. Oh and on how to become a member of the I HATE KARLA club. I hear they have really cool t-shirts that they give out for free once you join. Yeah, i think that about all that has happen lately.

*Well since it might be a while before i can get that entry written i have included an extra entry below so i don't get stoned to death for not posting soon enough. I promise to post as soon as i get a free moment. Bueno until then Ciao Baby*

Is it just me...

Or does anyone else feel like attacking her with a cheeseburger, some fries and a milkshake?
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I mean really chica eat something...anything just eat.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Fireworks, Whitewater rafting and more fireworks

That is the short version on my fourth of July.

On Friday i stayed home and watched some movies it was cool. On Saturday i went to see the Fireworks show downtown with my sister and my brother-in-law it was cool. I think the best part about it was that they were free. There were tons of people and we just sat down on the grass and hung out. My borther-in-law is kind of crazy so he had us laughing hystricaly the whole time until the show started.

On Sunday my mom wakes me up to tell me my aunt is on the phone and wants to know if i want to go White Water rafting with her. I had nothing else to do so i said " ok". I had 2 min to get ready before y aunt got there. We went to pic up Caro and her brother Joe and off we went. We took the most breath taking dive through the mountain and even drove past Southpark. Caro took some really cool pic's. We were all hungry so we stopped at a truck stop for some breakfast. OMG it was so much fun we had a good time. When our food came out we were all shock about the size of the pancakes. They were HUGE i mean HUGE. Again Caro has a pic. We then went white water rafting. Our guide was hot but a little on the young side. I told Caro to go for it.

Anyways so we went through a safety training and blah, blah and then we were on the water. OMG that was soo cool i loved it. I can see how people become addicted to that. I mean you are going down a river and all around you is this beautiful scenery. I just loved it! It was amazing. Again Caro has the pic's from that. On the way back we were soo tired that we tried to take a nap but it wasn't working out for Caro and I. Joe was the only one able to take a nap.

On Monday i went over to Caro's house and we hung out and then later on that night we went to watch the fireworks. I have to say the fireworks on saturday were way better then the one's on monday which is pretty sad. After the fireworks we went home.

My cumpleaños

Your Birthdate: June 2

Your birth on the 2nd day of the month adds a degree of emotion, sensitivity, and intuition to your life.

The 2 is a very social number allowing you to make friends easily and quickly.

Yet you are apt to have a rather nervous air in the company of a large group.

You have a warmhearted nature and emotional understanding that constantly seeks affection.

You are more prone than most to become depressed and moody, as emotions can turn inward and cause anxiety and mental turmoil.

It can be hard for you to bounce back to reality when depression sets in.

i got this from Carito!

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

The Name Game

Ok so i got this from Marissa because i am a biter.

If i go by Karla i am...
karla is the #370 most common female name.
0.044% of females in the US are named karla.
Around 56100 US females are named karla!

but if i go by my real name Karlina i am even cooler....
Karlina is a very rare female name.
Very few females in the US are named Karlina.
Be proud of your unique name!

Monday, July 04, 2005

La Boda del Ano

I don't know if you guys remember but i few weekends ago i had to go to

this wedding that no one wanted to go to because umm no one likes the

bride. Well here are the pic's from that night.

Image hosted by

My friend Phil he went as my date. Poor thing i made him wear his uniform....pero what can i say i love men in uniforms :)

Image hosted by

Jessica and Xavier.

Image hosted by

Hey looks it's me trying to not die from boredom.

Image hosted by

Nataly, Jessica and Me