Thursday, June 30, 2005

May I Recommend: Book Edition

This is a new section to my blog it will be where i recommend books,

movies, cd's, etc that i love or thing other's might enjoy. Yes alot of

this book were written by fellow sucias and yes you can call me bias so

what i am. It is not my fault that they are all WONDERFUL writers. To

start off...

Image hosted by


I know i already have your attention because of the word SEX...but

seriously everyone should get this book. It is soo good i read it in

two days. I just could not put it down.

Image hosted by

Mary's wonderful first book. I LOVED, LOVED this book. It is hard to

believe this is Mary's first book. Oh and i want a guy like Will :)

Image hosted by

This book is HOT all four stories are wonderfly written. In fact you

will love them so much you won't want them to end. Plus fellow sucia

Mary has a story in here so just for that reason alone everyone should

run out and get it.

Image hosted by

An other on of my favorites. I just love, love this book.

Image hosted by

This is a great book and i can't wait to see the movie.

Image hosted by

This is Alisa's first book and it is one of my all time favorite's.

Image hosted by

This is Alisa second book and like her first it is fabulous. I LOVE

GOYO and if anyone can know where i can met a real life Goyo let me

know :)

Image hosted by

I had to read this book myself to find out what all the hype was about.

Little did i know that i was going to love it and become a Dan Brown

fan. This was the first of his books that i have read and now i am on a


Image hosted by

This is the second Dan Brown book that i have read and i love it but i suggest you read this one before "The Da Vinci Code"

Image hosted by

This is he last Dan Brown book that i have read at like the rest it is wonderful.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Whats in a name.


Name / Username:

Name Acronym Generator

Thanks to Caro for this.

Monday, June 27, 2005

El Papi Chulo List Part 2

It has been brought to my attention that i forgot

some fellas so here is part 2 of "El Papi Chulo" list. I did not number

this list because i umm didn't have the time so here are the fellas. Oh

and it would be supper cool if everyone else put up their own verison

of "El Papi Chulo" list. I just want to see who you ladies would pick.

First up is our favorite blogger  J
Image hosted by


It would not be a "Papi Chulo" list with out Chayanne.
Image hosted by

Nicolas Gonzales


He has such a beautiful smile.
Image hosted by

Mark Wahlberg

I loved him in the "Italian Job"
Image hosted by

Matt Damon

Yet another hottie.
Image hosted by
Ben Affleck

Say what you want about Ben the man is still hot.

Image hosted by

Derek Jeter

(see Des)  I am sorry that i forgot you the first time honey. It won't happen again. He loks soo good in this pic.
Image hosted by


Alberto Pujols

Oh he is if we could just get him on to the yankees with Jeter and A-rod i would be one happy chic.
Image hosted by
Daddy Yankee...Yeah i know he was on the first list but i could not

resist to put him on here again. I mean just look at that

smile..*sight*  ( wiping the drool off my face.)
Image hosted by

Saturday, June 25, 2005

El Papi Chulo List.

Bueno to lighten things up around here i am putting up my "papi chulo" list. All of the men are mis papi's chulos. Chica enjoy!

11. David Beckham.

He is soo hot.
Image hosted by

10 Eminem

I know you guys were not expecting

him on this list but I just LOVE him.

Image hosted by
9.L.L. Cool. J

Yes the ladies really do love him.

Image hosted by
8. Morris Chestnut.

Just look at that smile.

Image hosted by
7. Shemar Moore.

 Ay papito.

Image hosted by
6. Orlando


Cono he is just yummy looking at

him makes me want to move to England.

Image hosted by
5. Brad Pitt.

This man is soo damn sexy�he is my

�martini man�

Image hosted by
4. Alex Rodriguez.

I love him. Really I do.

Image hosted by
3.  Jay Hernandez.

Este chico

si esta bueno.

(This boy is hot)

Image hosted by

2. Daddy


And you guys thought he was going

to be number one. Now don�t get me wrong I LOVE him but there is one man that

out ranks him and that is�.

Image hosted by

  1. The Rock.

Just look at this pic do I have to

say more? I didn�t think so. Well now I am going to sit here and spend the rest

of the afternoon drooling over this pic. God I love him.

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Friday, June 24, 2005

Geogrophy of Home.

So it seems to be offical now they are going to build the lake. It got

approved for a $180 million DOLLARS thing or something like that i am

not to sure about the figuers. So I thought i would post a few pic of

what the land looks like now before all the water rushes in.
Image hosted by

Image hosted by

La casa as you come in.

Image hosted by

La Casa from the hill.

Image hosted by

Oh now i am hungry...yummm

Image hosted by

Mis Abuelitos and a bull.

Image hosted by

La Casa from the hill.

Image hosted by

One last look before you go.

Monday, June 20, 2005

Picture World.

So a few weekends ago we celebrated my tio Luis birthday party here are the pics from that party.

Image hosted by

Nataly and Jessica and they had just started drinking....

Image hosted by

Look at baby Alex all dressed up for the party.

Image hosted by

Denise and Denise

Image hosted by

aww que amor. Jessica and X

Image hosted by

Me and Nataly

Image hosted by


Image hosted by

Nataly, Jessica and Me

Image hosted by

X thinking he is super cool.

Image hosted by

Group shot

Back row from the left: Doug and Denise.

Middle row from the left: Nataly, Adrian, Jessica and X

Front row from the left: Gabe, Me and Neamia.

Dancing in the right hand corner Ashley and B.

Image hosted by

B and Denise ( she looks so tiny next to him.)
These are the pic's from my birthday party....
Image hosted by

The two other birthday girls E and Jenna. E is holding my new fav drink

Bacardi Big Apple it's the best you mix it with Sprite and aww man it's

just good.

Friday, June 17, 2005

Hey Stranger

Just when you thought you got rid of me... i come back.

Hey there strangers as you can see i am popping my head in to say "Hi" and that i miss you all soooo much. I find myself going through withdraw. I miss Reese's funny post, J's comments, heck everyone's comments. Desiree's, Marissa, Monica, Janette, Tannia, Kim, Jessica and Joanne's, Girl's encouragement, Mari's writting, Caro's writing.... Elle and Irene i miss you ladies also...damn i just miss all of you guys.

A lot has happened since i last wrote on here and from looking around here today i can see that i have alot of catching up to do. (Damn J you sure have been up to alot)

I dropped my American goverment class because eh i don't need it for my degree so i *should* have some more time to be on here again.

My padre was sick this week so i had to run the family business. Other then that and going to school nothing new has happened.

Well i should update you on what when on the last two weeks.

Right after my birthday i went through some sort of an emotional breakdown. It was the weirdest thing ever. If someone would have told me that was going to happen i would have canceled my birthday. Why didn't anyone tell me that this would happen to me once i turned 24? All these emotions just hit me at once and it was just to much for me to handle. So some how i tried to work my way through it and go to school and this week running a business. It's been nuts out here i tell you.

Bueno i am doing better and some how i made it out alive and in one piece. I realized something's during my two week breakdown and i let go of others. I never knew just how close Caro and I are until she was gone for those two weeks and i had no one to talk too. I missed her sooo much it's not even funny. Pero we made it. Ha Caro? some how we made it.

I ended the whole Adrian thing because in the end i was just not feeling him. He is a great friend but he was just not doing it for me in the boyfriend department. So i am still accepting applications if any of you know any cute single guys who happen to look like Daddy Yankee or The Rock send them my way :)

I never got that kiss and in a way i am happy about that since now Adrian and I are still just friends even though he claims i broke his heart ( yeah right..i don't believe him) he says i was/ am the only girl that he could ever see himself with for the long haul. Aww que lindo... he is a sweet guy its just to bad that i don't feel the same way.

No new guys to report about. Umm let see what else...*thinking* oh yes school is killing me or it was. I LOVE my music history and childrens lit class but i hated my american goverment class. I was soo happy when i found out i could drop it. I was checking and i should graduate in Dec. Woot go me!

I have to go to a wedding tomorrow. I really, really don't want to go to this wedding. This girl we know her name is S is getting married tomorrow. The thing is we ALL hate her. I mean no one can stand her, but she yet invited us (why i don't know) so now my parents are saying that we have to go. I have tried to get out of it but they are just not hearing it. So since i can't get out of going to this wedding i went out and bought some new clothes got my hair did ( i now have red highlights) and tomorrow morning i am getting my nails done. Shit if i have to go to this thing i am going to look good.

Ay que mas.... well it looks like thats about it. I am going to go spend some time this week reading everyones blog and commenting. I also have to read the 300 and something emails waiting for me on yahoo. The sucias have been busy :)

I missed you all... oh go check out Caro's blog she update with pic's from D.R. OoOoO i just remembered something else Caro comes home on tuesday...YAY!!! i am so excited. I can't wait! Caro when you come home we are so haveing a parking lot convo.

I am not going to spell check this and i know there are alot of grammatical mistakes but right now i don't care.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

At the bottom of the lake.

At the bottom of the lake lies my family’s history...or at least it will once they build the damn thing.

So why is at the bottom of the lake? Why is this a problem I will tell you.

Some families pass their history down in the form of a family heirloom...for some families its jewelry, a doll, quilts, clothes, etc ,for my family is was land thousands and thousands of acres of land in a beautiful valley in the Dominican Republic which is where my family is from. So what does this have to do with the lake and my family’s history at the bottom of it?

The Dominican Republic is having trouble being able to supply electricity to all of its 8 million citizens, especially to the second largest city of the country, Santiago (which is about an hour away from the little town that my family is from called Inoa). So the government’s solution to this problem was hydro-electricity. For this they will have to build a man made lake, and surprise, surprise, where do they chose to make this lake about an hour away from Santiago in a little town named Inoa, in other words on our land.

So as you can see the problem with this is that it’s our land. Now yes they will pay my family for the land, but that is not the point it’s not just about the land, it’s about my families history. My family’s history is so intertwine with this land that it’s so hard to separate the two.

This land has been in my family for over 150 years. It belongs to my great-grandfather who gave it to my grandmother on her wedding day. It’s the land that gave birth to my mother and my 17 aunts and uncles. Its the land that saw my mother grow, its the land that saw her leave only to return later on with her own family. It’s the land that I was taken to as an infant. It’s the land of summer vacation. It’s the land that holds so many of my childhood memorizes.

The land where I have learned so much about my family, the land that keeps teaching me so many new things every time I return to it. It’s the land that calls me late at night when I should be sleeping, the land that runs thru my blood. The land that has made me who I am. The land that keeps my family together because no matter what is going on we always return to it. It’s a place where the new is mixed with the old. It’s the only thing that keeps my grandparents's my home and now it will lie at the bottom of the lake.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

The Dominican Bachlorette: The Birthday Party

So our bachlorette goes to get ready for her birthday party and her phone rings.

Karla: " Hello"
B: " Karla, Where are you at?"
Karla: " Um at my house getting ready why?"
B: " What? the party was suppose to start an hour ago."
Karla: " What no one told me that, in fact no one told me anything?"
B: (sight) " What no one told you what time the party was?"
Karla: " eh no"
B: " Freaken Adrian."
B: " Let me call you back."
Karla: " Umm ok."

Karla in her head " and this is why we never let the men organize the parties"

So a few more phone calls like that later and Karla goes to her birthday celebration at Adrian's house.

At first the party is pretty slow and boring.

Before leaving for the party Karla gets in to an argument with her mother and so she is pissed when she arrives at the the party the boys take it as Karla being mad at them but she wasn't so at first everyone thought the boys had failed because they thought that Karla hated the party and was not having a good time.

Anyways so after a few drinks Karla is feeling better and the party get's under way. After a while everyone is having a good time and by 1 am everyone is on their way home.

Adrian bought me some nice roses as did my primo X.

Still no beso from Adrian but that is another story and you guys will just have to wait for the next installment of the dominican bachlorette.

Monday, June 06, 2005

Hey Dirty..Baby i got your update!

Well kind of......First I want to thank everyone for the birthday wishes. I know you guys have been checking in to see if i have updated on the party yet. Well I am working on it i promise. I am going to school this summer so once i come back from my wonderful American Goverment class i will finish up the update and then post it. Until then please reframe from throwing things at me or yelling at your computer screens. :) Ok now i am off.

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Happy Birthday to ME!!!!!

Happy Birthday to me
Happy Birthday to me,

Happy Birthday dear Karlaaaaa. Happy Birthday to me.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

So now for an update on everything else.

Ok well you guys know all about my so-called love life so I thought I would update you on very thing else.

Tomorrow is my last day at work…WOOT! I love being a teacher. Here I come summer vacation. …Lol. Tomorrow is also my birthday…Yay… I am going to be 24. Damn I am…Adrian is going to go with me to the end of the year party tomorrow. That should be funny having Adrian and G in the same location. I am going to go crazy with all these boys in one

In case you have not checked my profile lately you can now email me…I know you all want to email me…don’t lie you know you So go ahead and do it send me an email.

Caro left for D.R. yesterday. I have her number out there so if there are any messages you want me to pass on to her leave me a comment or umm email me (since now you can) and I will get them to her. I can’t wait till she comes back home because I know that she is going to have some amazing stories to tell.

We were all going to go to the Purple Martini tomorrow night to celebrate E and my birthday’s (Yes B’s wife and I were born on the same day.) But instead the boys are going to throw us (E, Jenna who was born on June 5 and me) a (Not so much a surprise anymore) Surprise Birthday party on Saturday. I wish my suicas and blog friends lived out here that way you guys could come to my fiesta.

The party is going to be at Adrian’s house and it is going to be a Barbeque kind of thing. How do I know this you ask? Well I was hanging out yesterday with B and Adrian (B bought a motorcycle) and they um let it slip. So I know that there is going to be a Barbeque get together but something else is going down and they won’t tell me.

B mentioned something about Tiffany’s and I had to remind him not to play with me like that. He knows that two of my greatest loves are handbags and jewelry with shoes and books coming in tied at third. I am a girl damn it you can’t mention Tiffany’s in front of me and then shut up tighter then a clam when I ask you “ umm what about Tiffany’s?” You got to give me something. Ok now that I have gotten over that.

Oh my nephew now has a blog as well. Everyone say “ Hi Gabe” and then go check out his blog.

Umm let me see what else….Oh yeah I might and that is a BIG MIGHT be going to New York in July for two weeks. I had plan on going for one week but my cousin asked me to go for two weeks. I really, really, really want to go but umm we will see what happens.

Oh it seems to be that I have lost some weight the other day E (B’s wife) said to B “ Karla is looking good she has lost some weight.” To which I responded with an “Umm, really? Have I?” So I guess I must have lost some weight I don’t know for sure because I have not been back to WW much less been on a scale in a loooong time so I have no way of really knowing but um thanks for the compliment E.

Ok I know this entry is all over the place. So I am going to take that as my cue to end this entry here.