Tuesday, January 31, 2006

El Papi Chulo List Part 4

Yes, I know i said "coming soon" and it has not been soon enough but here it is (FINALLY!) El Papi Chulo List Part 4. Enjoy!
Daniel Sunjata
Everyone should take a second right now and say "Thanks Shelley" for it was through her blog that i found este papi. Daniel here is on "Rescue Me" and he has been in a few movies like "Brother to Brother". I thought he would be a very nice way to start off the list.

Ok, I know what you are think. " What?, Really Karla? I mean really?" and YES i think Juanes here is un papi chulo. He has the whole bad boy rocker thing going for him and i for one LOVE it.

Antonio Banderas
What can i say he's un papi.

Rob Thomas
Rob is not really my type, pero Caro loves him and i could NEVER figure out why. That was until the other day when i saw an interview with him and by the end of it i was saying " aww. now i see why she loves him"

Jake Gyllenhaal
Go see "Jarhead" and it will all make sense.

Laz Alonso
Here is one more reason why you should see "Jarhead" este papi cubano is also in it.

Eduardo Verastugi
So "Chasing Papi" wasn't the best movie, but that has nothing to do with the fact que este tipo es un papi.
I sat through all of "Coach Carter" going "damn y este papi, who is he?" Thanks to Google i found out who he is. Channing here also did some modeling for Abercrombie & Fitch, Nautica, Gap, Aeropostale, Emporio Armani, and can also be seen in the upcoming movie "Havoc".

Kamar De Los Reyes
I know some of you are going "who is that?" Kamar here is a soap star. Soap as in " One life to live" where he has been heating up the small screen for some time now. My sister Elisa LOVES him, and that is the only reason why 1. I know who he is and 2 she watches "One life to live".

Wilson Jermaine Heredia
No, i am not obsessed with this "Rent" cutie. It is not my fault that he is a papi.

Tyson Beckford
If i need to explain why Tyson is on here then umm we need to talk.

George Clooney
George is the older version of El papi chulo. No, Caro i am not stealing your Martini Man.

Gael Garcia Bernal
Ay Gael, Gael, Gael. Just look at him and you know why he is on the list.

Nick Lachey
I don't know what Jessica was thinking this man is HOT!

Mario Lopez
I use to love him way back in the days of "Save by the Bell".

Kerr Smith
I am going to be honest with you here, I have NO idea who he is but damn does he look good in that suit.

Chris Evans
If you saw the "Fantastic Four" then Chris here will be familiar to you.

John Leguizamo
John here is on this list because he cracks me up and any man who can rock a wig and heels like John did in " To Wong Foo Thanks For Everything, Julie Newmar" deserves to be on this list.

Eduardo Xol
I am a HUGE "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" fan, so Eduardo is on here not only because he is HOT but because he is part of that show.

Boris Kodjoe
Ay, just look at him, those lips, that smile. (sight) Ay dios i need a break.

Ok i am back......

No, i am not hold on.

Ok back...let's continue with the list.

Patrick Dempsey
McDreamy he is.

Ryan Phillipe
Este mango me lo como verde, maduro como caiga.

Blair Underwood
I dont even know where to start.

So, here is a new section to El Papi Chulo list it is titled "Que Lindo" (How Cute) because this kid is just soooooo cute.

Wilson from Mad Hot Ballroom
By the way Mad Hot Ballroom is a GREAT movie and if you have not seen it you need to get on it and rent this movie. You are going to love it. Anyways back to the list, Wilson here is soooo cute not only does he have the MOST beautiful eyes i have ever seen but the boy can dance.

So that is the list for this time. Believe it or not there are still papi's left for a part 5 but we are going to have to wait on that one.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Coming Soon...

Ok Chicas, you can all thank Reese for this one. I was inspired by her Land of Hot Boys to post El Papi Chulo List Part 4. I do have to warn all of you that this list is bigger and HOTTER, then ever. I do ask for you to PLEASE be patient with me, with all these papi's around i find myself having to take breaks more often than usual other wise i dont think i would make it :) So keep your eyes open for the next installment.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Back in the Day

I have nothing to post about ( I know my life is SO exciting). So here is a pic of a cute kid.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Happy Anniversary

Caro: “ Karla, Hurry up we are going to be late.”

Karla: “ I know, I am almost done 5 more minutes.”

5 minutes later

Caro: “ Karla lets go.”

Karla: “ I am coming.”

Karla looking for her shoes.

Karla: “ Umm has anyone seen my shoes.”

Caro: “ No”

Karla: “ Damn it, I am going to be late for my own party.”

Karla: “ Nevermind I find them, ok lets go.”


Monday, January 16, 2006

Last Nights Dream

I know that this is not going to make sense to anyone but Caro and Gabe but here you go. This morning I woke up laughing from a dream I had. Now normally I am not the type of person who remembers their dreams but I remembered this one clearly.

Fast forward to the future, where we see Karla cooking in her kitchen when one of her children comes in.

Child: “ Ma”

Karla: “ Yeah”

Child: “ Ma, could I ask you something?”

Karla: “ Ah ha go ahead”

Child: “ Mami, why do you hate me?”

Karla: “ Que?”

Child: “ Why do you hate me?”

Karla: “ Baby, I don’t hate you. Why do you think that?”

Child: “Umm, because you picked a crazy women to be my nina”

Karla: “ First of all don’t call your nina crazy, and second of all what in the world are you talking about?”

Child: "Ay, look”

Child points to Caro dancing in the living room.

Karla: “ Ha, Ha, oh man that is funny, your nina is in no way crazy because she is dancing by herself.”

Child:” Uh, Ma there is no MUSIC.”

Karla: “ So”

Child: “ So she is CRAZY.”

At this point Karla’s second child walks in.

Child 2: “Mami, she is doing it again.”

Karla: “ Who is doing what again?”

Child 2: “ Nina Nataly, she is flirting with my friends again.”

Karla:” Ay dios mio.”

Karla: “ NATALY”

Nataly: “ WHAT?”

Karla: “ Get away from that child.”

Nataly: “I wasn’t doing anything?”

Karla: “ Ah ha, I am sure you weren’t just get away from the child.”

Nataly: “ Fine”

Child 2: “ Umm, what are you and mom talking about?”

Child 1: “ How my nina is crazy”

Karla: “ She is not crazy, now get out of here both of you I have to finish cooking.”

Child 1 and 2 ignore Karla and keep talking.

Child 2: “ Dude, your nina is not crazy I mean just look at mines.”

Child 1: “ No man, my nina is crazy, I mean just look.”

Child 1 points to Caro who is still dancing in the living room by herself with no music.

Child 2: “ Umm, wow ok you win she is crazy”

Child 1: “ You see I told you.”

Child 2: “ Why is she wearing a fur coat?”

Child 1 : “ Because she is phucing crazy.”

Child 2: “ Oh, and what is up with the shiny shoes?”

Sunday, January 08, 2006

The Wind of Change...

...is blowing and i can't keep ignoring it. There are a few changes that i need to make in my life. I should have made them a long time ago, but out of fear and because i did not want to let go of certain people i decided to ignore the signs that kept telling me it was time.

I wish i could make these changes without having to let go of some people, but i need to make them. I need to stop interfering with my life and just let what is suppose to happen, happen.

I can't no longer keep putting my life on hold for other people.

I once saw a sign in a car shop ( yeah i know out of all place a car shop) that said " It is never to late to be, the person you might have become." well it is time for me to stop holding my-self back and become the person i am suppose to be.

It's time for me to step into the wind.

This in no way means that i am going to stop blogging.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

So Long 2005, Hello 2006!

Hey there strangers! Hows it going? Things have been going ok over here. Christmas came and went. I had a good time, ate too much, danced a lot, laughed and enjoyed the holiday. Caro has pic's up on her blog so go check them out.

I am a little pissed at Santa, I asked for Daddy Yankee this year and umm i did not get him. I think Santa got lost on the way to my house. :)

We went up to Vail for our traditional after Christmas trip. Had a lot of fun ran in to Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake at Los Amigos. Cameron is very nice and even waved and said " hi" to the 18 dominican people around her. We then went up to Avon. OMG i did not think that i could love a place more then i love Vail but Avon is winner. When my aunt said we were going to Avon i was expecting to be attacked by women with lipsticks and blush, but that was not the case. It sooooo beautiful up there.

I have been enjoying my two week vacation from work but i am ready to go back to work. I know, i never thought i would say that but i am. I am starting to get a little bored of being home.

New Years was fun a little more low key then Christmas but it was still fun.

In a way i am glad that 2005 is over. It was an ok year not as bad as 2004 but not the best. I do have to be thankful for 2005 because during that year I learned a lot not only about myself but also about my family and people in general and i am grateful for those lessons that i learned.

Best quote from 2005 goes to my tia Margarita and her husband Bill:

Maga: " The cop's don't deserve to know everthing because there are thing and then there are THINGS, if you can handle it on your own then handle it." We were talking about drunk drivers.

Bill: " The best way to lose weight is to get salmonella, you lose like 10 lbs in a month."
On his weight lost plan for after the holidays.

Yes, my aunt and uncle are CRAZY.

Mark your calanders, January17 is the one year anniversary of Real Women Have Curves, I am going to have together with Reese to plan the party :)

Also to start 2006 out with a bang i have a profile pic....Red from Fraggle Rock!

Bueno I hope everone enjoyed their holiday's and I hope that 2006 bring all of you many good things.

Oh and i did not foget you ladies during the holidays and i even got you a gift. Here it is a pic of my cousin Javi in Iraq. Enjoy!