Wednesday, December 21, 2005

May I Recommend: Movie, Music and Book Edition

Yeah so this is a three in one i have been meaning to update this thing but life has other plans for me so right now i have a few minutes to update so here we go.

Ok first up the movies:

About two weeks ago I went to see Rent with Nataly (Yes, Nataly and Caro are my movie watching buddies) and I LOVED it, if you have not gone to see it, I suggest you go before this movie leaves the theater. This movie stayed close to the original Broadway production. Just about all of the original Broadway cast was casted for the movie with the exception of Rosario Dawson as Mimi and Tracie Thomas as Joanne.

I was crying by the end of this movie for reasons that I can not discuss in this review because it will ruin the movie. So you have to go and see it to see why I was crying.

All of the actors did a fabulous job they all played their parts so well but one actor stood out to me over the rest. This particular actor in my opinion STOLE just about every scene he was in so when I got home I did some research (thanks Google) and found out that this talented and guapo actor is DOMINICAN that is right.

Who am I talking about no other then Wilson Jermaine Heredia who plays Angel. Wilson won a Tony in 1996 for his role as Angel in the orginal Broadway production. How cool is that. In an interview that i read about him, he was talking about how he is straight, but everyone thinks he is gay because of his role as Angel. I can see how that would happen homeboy rocked this role.

So in conclusion go see Rent. While you are at the mvoies you might want to check out....

The Family Stone. I saw this movie with Caro last week. First of all I want to say that I LOVE this poster. Again I LOVED this movie it was surprisingly really good a little predictable at times but good. A fair warning fan of Sex and the City, SJP's character here is nothing like Carrie. You end up hating her in the beginning of the movie which is refreshing because we are all use to loving her.

So if you have seen the trailer then you know that this movie is about a son Everett Stone played by Dermot Mulroney who brings home his girlfriend for the holiday and bueno everything just goes wrong. I loved Diane Keaton as the mom who blended humor and heartbreak, and honors the film with a grace that makes it stick in the memory. I ended up wishing I had a mom like her.

Rachel McAdams (who I love) rocked her role as Amy, Everett's younger sister who thinks that Meredith (SJP) is a bitch.
Luke Wilson also rocked his role as Ben, Everett slacker brother. I also love that the Stones have a gay son who is also deaf played by Ty Giordano, and that through out the movie the characters used sign language. I think the reason why I ended up loving this movie so much was because it reminded me of my family so much. So go check this movie out as well.

Ok now for the music:

Shaki is my girl. I am a HUGE Shakira fan and you know I had to pick this one up the day it came out and am I glad I did.

I love this cd it is classic Shakira. Some people don't like her in English because they think she is "selling out" and others might think that two cd's in one year might be one to many but I have to disagree. Yes there are no huge dance song like this summers smash hit La Tortura off Fijacion Oral Vol. 1 on this cd, but just listen to the lyrics of songs like Don't Bother and tell me that it is not a great "angry chick song". Actually Don't Bother is one of my favorite songs off this cd. I have to admit to being jealous of Shakira's songwriting ability's. I love this line from Don't Bother;
" She's almost 6 feet tall/ She must think I'm a flea/I'm really a cat you see/And it's not my last life at all."

Other good song off this cd is Illegal ft Carlos Santana. This song might bring some comparison to Alanis Morrissette's You Ought to Know but then again Shaki has been compared to Alanis since her third CD Dónde Están Los Ladrones? Anyways Illegal is a great song for any women who has had her heartbroken with lyrics like " You don't even know the meaning of the words "I'm sorry"/ You said you would love me until you die/And as far as I know you're still alive, baby/You don't even know the meaning of the words "I'm sorry"/I'm starting to believe it should be illegal to deceive a woman's heart." Some other good songs are Dreams for Plans; Costume Makes the Clown, and Timor.

Now for the book:

Way back in the day when I was part of the sucias there was a new and young writer on there named Liz De Jesus. Liz was way cool and wrote amazing poetry. Which she use to share with us. Now I don't know if Liz is still a part of la sucias last time I checked she had not posted for a looooong time. Anyways Liz wrote a little book titled Note to Self. So being a good sucias I ordered a copy because that is what we do support each other. Well it took Borders a million years to get my copy to me but when they finally did I sat down to read it.

The finally result is....I liked it there a few mistakes in the book which I took to be an editing mistake but the more I read, and the more I got to know and love the main character Sam I started to think that maybe the mistakes where made or even left there on purpose. Seeing as Sam is not a perfect person.

Sam is a Puerto Rican woman who is recovering from a broken heart and bueno basically she hates life or at least is disappointed by it. I do have to say that this book cracked me up at time's because Sam reminds me of me. Anyone can related to Sam and her views on life and you will be cheering for her at the end of the book and there is even a point where you are going “Ay, mujer get a grip" but in a good way. If Sam does not remind you of yourself, well then we all know someone like her.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005


People are just as wonderful as sunsets if I can let them be. I don't try to control a sunset. I watch it with awe as it unfolds, and I like myself best when appreciating the unfolding of a life.

-Carl R. Rogers

That quote right there summories all the reasons why i teach.

Friday, December 09, 2005


I still love my new job which by now is not really all that new. I still love everything about it.

I love walking in to a classroom and hearing 16 pre-schoolers say " Miss Karlina" as four or five of them run up to hug me. I love sitting down with them and just hearing them tell me stories. I love all the art work they make for me (which now proudly hangs in my office). I love that when they draw a picture of me, my arms and legs come out of my head (everytime i look at that i laugh). I love the look on their face when they finally "get" a something or write their name for the first time.

I love walking in to the baby room and just hanging out in there. The baby room is my hide out spot when everything gets to be too much. It is amazing what holding a baby can do.

I love walking in to the parent room and have 4 or 5 moms come over to me and offer me food. They are always trying to feed me. I love sitting in there with them and just hanging out.

I love the fact that even after working all day the dads still all show up every Monday night for class, earger and willing to learn.

I love my staff, i have an amazing, hard working, dedicated staff and i am very grateful for them. I love my boss, she really is the coolest boss i have ever had.

Like i said i love everything about my job even all the paperwork and the long hours. What i do not love is the hard, heart-breaking confidential stuff that brings me to my knees in a flood of tears. I wish i could tell you about it but i can't. I can not tell you the number of times that i have had to leave a meeting or walk out of the parent room in a hurry and lock myself in my office and just cry.

I can not believe that there really is this much injustice in this world. I know that no one said that life is fair but these families have been through so much they need a break. It breaks my heart that all i can do is offer them a hug and an ear to listen. I wish i could do more to help. Since our program is a little different then most school programs we are able to do more then most program but i still wish we can do more. I know there is only so much we can do but still i wish could do more.

The holidays are suppose to be a time for celebration but all i find myself doing is crying. I have be come an emotional wreck who barley sleeps. I find myself waking up at night worring or think about one of my families wishing i could do more. This is the problem with being a teacher no matter how hard you try you always become attach not just to the kids but to their whole family and after a little while they become your family as well and we all know how i feel about my family.

I know what you guys are thinking "now Karla you have done all you can" and" you can't save everyone". I know this and i am remind of this everytime i see these parents i am amazed by their strenght, even though their lives are falling apart and some really horrable stuff is going on i am amazed with the fact that they still come in to school everyday with a smile on their face.

I know that this is Caro's thing but still i think it fits: love is finding the courage to keep living.

Well now that i made everyone all sad and worried i hope you all have a good weekend.

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

May I Recommend: Movie Edition

So last night I went to the movies with Nataly and saw Walk the Line, the Johnny Cash biopic starring Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon. We had originaly planned on seeing Harry Potter but we were late for that showing. So we saw Walk the Line instead. If that movie wasn't on your to-watch list, I encourage you to add it.

I had never heard a Johnny Cash song in my life before, and I ended up loving the movie. This movie was about the relationship between Johnny and his wife, June Carter Cash, and how they came to be as in love as they were. It's a love story, but it's one that both men and women can enjoy, being at times heartwarming and at other times funny.

The movie was released last weekend, and already the buzz is all about Oscar. Joaquin is being talked about for his work, and I have to admit he did a fantastic job. He seemed to really nail Cash's struggle between his dark feelings of guilt and remorse, and his love for June. Whatever Joaquin's formula was, it worked for him. He perfectly conveyed Cash's angst through his music.

The other notable performance belongs to Reese Witherspoon. I know that some people were somewhat sceptical of her ability to carry off this role, but let me tell you that she did so masterfully, even learning the plectrum to lend credibility to her performance.

An Oscar nom is all but guaranteed for her, but I'm not sure that she'll be able beat out Zhang Ziyi once Memoirs of a Geisha finally hits theaters (not nearly soon enough). I loved Reese's performance, and she deserves to win based solely on the fact that this role was such a departure from her usual fare.

An other notable preformance was by Ginnifer Goodwin who played Vivian, Johhny's first wife. You may remember Ginny from Win a Date with Tad Hamilton! and Mona Lisa Smile. This woman deserves an Oscar as well, and once you see her fight with, love and cry over Cash, you feel terrible for this woman. It's harder than it sounds, because John and June were truly soulmates, and Vivian was quite nasty when she felt like it. Still, what could have easily become a bit part in a movie about two lovers was given the depth and emotion it deserved. Other Oscar noms could be garnered for Direction, for James Mangold, and costumes. On the whole, this was an excellent film.

To end this post here is a pic of Reese and Joaquin as Johnny and June.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Winter Preview

So i am also at that " i have nothing interessting to write about stage" so i thought i would post some pictures of winter in Colorado. So here you go.

The Moon was raising over the divide and i thought it was a beautiful sceen with the mountains and the snow in the forground.

What Colorado is known for snow covered mountains.

This looks like a painting right? but it is not, it's a picture i found of Colorado. That right there explains the name of the state.

The holidays at Vail. Yes, I know i am obsessed with Vail pero i mean just look at it, it so pretty.

The poor trees out here get such a beating but they look so nice all covered in snow.

Well i hope that everyone else is umm living a more exciting life then i am right now and that you all had a nice Thanksgiving.

Monday, November 14, 2005

Three Posts in One

So this is going to be rather long sorry!

As you can see i did not fall of the face of the earth i am still here. Last week was crazy for me. I was organizing these two huge events for work. They are finally over and they went well.


So ladies it seems to me that we are all down for getting together so now we have to pick a location our options are

a. New York
b. L.A.
c. Miami
d. Las Vegas
e. insert your own option here.

also when do you ladies want to meet?

So here is my rant for the day. You don't have to read it, i just need to vent.

Some days being single sucks. Like big time. I am tired of people looking at me like there is something wrong with me. I am tired of people trying to "set" me up with guys. I know they mean well and their heart is in the right place but really, do you have to introduce me to the mailman as well? I mean lets just post it on a billboard or something like that. Why don't we humiliate Karla just a little bit more?

you know what i don't want to talk about this anymore so this won't be as long of a point as i thought.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Think You Know Sexy?

It is that time of year again chicas, it is time to vote for Peoples sexiest man alive. Check out who the finalist are and then cast your vote here.

They also have some other fun facts and some quizzes so if you have the time go check it out.

Friday, November 04, 2005


..."It took some getting use to but, of course, life feeds life. Where'd I get the idea that art and happiness could never jive? I felt stupid, wasting so many years . But I took solace from those locust trees, known for their crooked, seemingly aimless growth. We have to live our natures out, the seed we call our soul unfolds over the course of a lifetime and there's no going back on who we are--that much I've learned from trees."

From Julia Alvarez's poem "Locust"

Monday, October 31, 2005

Mad Hot Ballroom

I saw this movie at Blockbusters the other day and i have been dying to see it so i rented it. My mami and I watched it on Friday night. I LOVE this movie. It is sooooooo cute. My mami ended up loving it even more then i did, so much so that she called all my aunt's and uncle's and told them that they had to come over to watch it. Last night during our usual Sunday dinners (my family gets together every sunday for dinner) my mom kept telling me " put the movie on, put the movie on." So i did. Ay, why did i do that?

Right after the movie was over my aunt's and uncles started to take out their cellphones and started calling family in New York and Miami just to tell them about this movie. Ay, what have i done. Look what i started just by asking my mom to watch a movie with me :)

I saw that they have it on sale at Target, so i went and bought it for my madre since she loves it so much. I can't wait till i give it to her later on tonight.

If you have not seen this movie then let me tell you are missing out on a GREAT movie. It had me smiling and laughing the whole time. I was so excited for the little dominican kids from Washington Heights. My aunt's say that i am being bias because i am a little dominican kid from Washington Heights :) i promise you that has nothing to do with it. O.K. yes it does, but anyway this is a great movie and i am mad that they started this program the year after i left New York. Why could they have not done this sooner like oh i don't know 1993?

Bueno i hope you all had a lovely weekend. Go rent or buy this movie i promise you are not going to regret it.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Mean Girl

So i have always known that i am a bitch but really?

Regina George

Which Mean Girl are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

Am I that big of a bitch?

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

An Update and a Question.

What's up Yo?

Don't mind me i am in a silly mood today, so let see what has been going on... hmmm... oh yes i have this week off from work. Yay!! I have been home chilling doing nothing. It is soooo nice to just sleep in.

Caro came home last Thursday for the weekend and that was cool. It was great to see everyone's reaction when they saw her. LOL, we are some sneaky mother**** Caro, Joe and Moi that is. I loved our "Kitchen" conversation during your last night here Caro. Good times, good times.

A few nights ago Joanne asked me what happened to our beloved Dominican Bachlorette bueno mi gente what can i say about our bachlorette, last time we saw her she had kicked Adrian to the curve. Well now our lovely bachlorette is this close to becoming a cat lady, and she DISLIKES cats. So that should tell you something. There are still NO men in Denver. I think i am going to have to import some guy in from another city.

Do you guys remember Adrian? bueno, he went and got married to some girl he met at the club a few weeks ago. Yes, he sure did.

I got a text message from my dear cousin Nataly the other day telling me that the first guy i had ever kissed passed away. He died in a motorcycle accident in D.R.

Damn, last time i saw him was six years ago and the last image i have of him is the one of him standing in the middle of the road yelling " Coño Karla, come back here" as i walked away from him mad as hell. I never saw or talked to him again after that and now i never will.

Ok enough of the sad stuff now for the question.

I was thinking since a lot of the "original" suicas (Dirty Girls) are also fellow bloggers how do you ladies feel about having a "ex-sucia" retreat some where? I think it would be cool for all of us to get together and cause some mean hang out some where.

So tell me ladies what do you think? we could be real biotches and do it at the same time as the other sucias or we can do it whenever. Also let me know what you ladies would like to do. We can take a curise or just fly out somewhere and lay on the beach while we drink mojitos and check out papi chulos. The choice is up to you my dears. So let me know either by sending me and email or commenting here.

Friday, October 21, 2005


I got this from Reese and Desiree.

You Are Most Like Charlotte!

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You've been hurt before, but that hasn't caused you to give up on love.

If anything, your resolve to fall in love is stronger than ever.

And it's this feminine optimism that men find most appealing about you.

Romantic prediction: That guy you are seeing (or crushing on)?

Could be very serious - if you play your cards right!

Which Sex and the City Vixen Are You Most Like?
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Find the Love of Your Life
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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Ever Lasting Love

66 yrs, 18 kids, 40 something grandkids, 30 something great-grandkids, a house fire and two diagnosis of cancer later my grandparents are still together.

Today is my grandparents 66 wedding anniversary. I love my grandparents so much and the fact that they have been married for 66 years and are still together after everything that they have been through is just amazing to me, and i hope that one day i will be able to find someone with who i can share a love like that.

Mama and Papa ¡Felicidades en su aniversario! Los quiero mucho.

Monday, October 17, 2005

Leaving La Sucias

A year ago I joined a gang, Yup, you read that right I said I joined a gang. Last year I became a sucia. The sucia gang was formed on October 6 and three days later I joined. The night I joined I met our leader La Queen Sucia. I had a good time that night and left feeling like I had made the right choice by joining.

At first we were a small group of women who came together to support each other and just talk we had great conversations about everything from politics to the Texas vibrator law. We were a really tight group of women from all over the world and from all walks of life. Did you know that there is a sucia gang member in South Africa? Yup that is right South Africa. Some of you might be surprise to know that a few of our fellow bloggers are also members or use to be members of La suicas.

Anyways the sucias was the hottest sh*t around for a long time. Then came that May weekend where everything changed. What exactly happen I can not say I was not there, all I know is that when La Sucias came back from that trip things turned ugly quickly. Nasty emails were sent out and a sucias was actually kicked out of the group. A few days’ later apologies were sent out but by then it was to late the damage had been done, the sucias would never recover from it. That weekend became the white elephant in the room we all knew it was there but yet no one dare to talk about it.

Little by little the "original" sucias started to leave, some left officially (like I did) by letting everyone in the group know they were leaving, some just left and never came back. I still wonder what happened to them.

As the "original" sucias were leaving "new" sucias were coming in. Some of the "new" sucias were cool and I am glad that I got to know some of them, but some of the "new" sucias were just there to cause trouble.

Why is that, when a group of women see that an other group of woman is getting along they have to come and try to start sh*t? Yes the sucias were on shaky ground because of that retreat in May, but we were working on it, then those few new sucias came in and messed everything up.

I hate the fact that a select few women ruined a good thing for everyone else, because of these "new" sucias and their mission to cause trouble it soon became them vs. us. The "new" sucias vs. the "original" sucias.

A lot of the older sucias no longer felt welcome in a group that they help create (myself included). This caused even more of the “original” suicas to leave. I stopped "hanging" out with the sucias in June and when I came back, I could not believe what was going on. The group that I came back to was not the same group I had left, la sucias had changed.

Shortly after that I stopped posting but I was still a "part" of the group, I still knew what was going on. I left the group again in August. This time when I came back I "tried" to put all that drama behind me and give the "new" sucias a chance, I am glad that I did because I was able to meet even more of the "new" sucias who are mad cool, but those few who are only a part of that group to cause trouble were still there doing their thing and again I felt unwelcome. So I decided that it was time to leave. I left the sucias a week ago.

To all the "original" sucias who left I miss you guys and I hope you are all doing well. To the "new" sucias I wish you luck and I hope you ladies are able to keep the group together.

So for the last time I want to say " SUCIAS" out!

Friday, October 14, 2005

Going to Santa Fe

My tia called me the other day and asked me if i wanted to go with her to Santa Fe for the weekend. Since i have nothing else to do i said " sure" so here i am getting ready to go. I guess you can say i am pulling an Elle by going on a mini-vacation. I will take pic's a post them when i get back. I hope everyone has a good weekend and that Joanne is enjoying her birthday celebration.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005


Aquí me ven
Tratando de dejar atrás
Las malas cosas del pasado
Limpiándome toda la piel
De lo que un día me hizo daño
Para sanar mis heridas

Aquí me ven
Es hora de recuperar
Lo que dejé por olvidado
Las ganas de volver a amar
Y de vencer el calendario
Para encontrar mi salida

Aquí me ven
Tratando de limpiar los restos
Que quedaron del fracaso
Creyendo que tal vez podré
Recoger todos mis pedazos
Y recuperar mi vida

Aquí estaré
Y como una mujer asumiré
Que voy a retomar mis pasos
Que lo que nunca pudo ser es cosa
Del pasado

-Marc Anthony
Here you see me
Trying to leave behind
The bad things from the past
Cleaning my skin
Of what one day hurt me
So that i can heal my wounds

Here you see me
It is time to recover
what i left for forgotten
the desire to love again
and to defeat the calendar
so that i can find my exit

Here you see me
Trying to clean up what
is left of failure
Believing that i might be able
to pick up all my pieces
and recover my life

Here I will be
and like a woman, I will assume
that i will be able to take back all my steps
that what was once impossible is now
part of the past

-Marc Anthony

This is loosely translated in to english.

Friday, October 07, 2005

Breast Cancer Awareness

It has taken me forever to write this because El Papi Chulo list is a hard entry to follow. Also this is a hard entry for me to write but i have to do it, it is the least i can do. I own it to you.

As you all know by now October is Breast Cancer awareness month. I know that no one on here knows this but breast cancer hit's close to home for Caro and me. Our aunt was diagnosis with Advance Stage 3 breast cancer last year.

No one in my family wanted to tell me that my aunt had breast cancer. I found out by mistake, Nataly let it slip one day, my first reaction was one of shock and then it was to sit on the floor and cry. Actually it was more like a sob but you get what I mean. I am very close to my aunt she is my second mom. She helped raise me. I have always thought of her and my tio (uncle) as my second set of parents and her daughters as my sisters. In fact when I was 5 I use to tell everyone I had 4 older sisters instead of two. I was heartbroken when my mom explain to me that Josie and Gricy where my cousins not my sisters. LOL.

My aunt had surgery to remove the cancerfrom her right breast in March and had chemo right after that. Chemo was really hard for her because not only was she sick and unable to do anything (which she hated) but also she could not travel and that was the hardest part of all since this was all happening at the same time that my grandmother was very ill and my aunt wanted to go to be with my abuela. Last Tuesday was her last day of radiation and this week her doctor gave her a clean bill of health and permission to travel. My Tia is so excited about the fact that she can go to D.R. to visit my grandmother and now my grandfather.

My tia is now a survivor, but there are still millions of women and men who are still fighting for their lives, So in their name i am asking that you guys take a moment and stop by The Breast Cancer Site and help fund a mammogram by clicking on the pink button in the middle of the web site. Also if you can please join the Race for the Cure when it comes to your town or if you can't do the race stop by the Susan G Komen website and see what else you can do to raise awareness.

I will end this post with a picture of a survivor, mi tia. Te quiero mucho tia.

Monday, October 03, 2005

El Papi Chulo List Part 3

Here it is ladies El Papi Chulo list part 3. Again they are not in any order, I want to thank Marissa, Kim and Joanne for their help putting this list together. Enjoy Chica's!

Michael Ealy
He is so lindo that it hurts.

Jesse Metcalfe
What can i say he is my favorite gardner :)

Johnny Deep
I LOVED him in Chocolat.

Denzel Washington
Denzel is the original papi chulo.

Amaury Nolasco
Ladies let me introduce you to Amaury the new papi chulo on tv.

Freddie Prince Jr
I had the biggest crush on him when i was younger.

Harry Belafonte
This one is just for you Joanne.

Eddie Cibrian

El Cuban Papi

Dean Cain
I loved him when he played Superman.

Greg Louganis
Para Kim, your man.

Mark-Paul Gosselar
Little Zack from Saved by the Bell sure did grow up to be a papi chulo.

Taye Diggs
I think Taye could help any women get their groove back.

Paul Walker
He was the love of my life until i saw Daddy Yankee.

John Cena
Again, ladies let me introduce you to yet another papi chulo. John here has replaced The Rock as el papi chulo on WWE. Now don't get this wrong he can NEVER replace mi amor The Rock pero diablo this dude esta bueno.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

I'm Back

Hey everyone, I am back!!!! Did you miss me? I had a good time at my conference, Rifle was not all that bad it was a beautiful drive up there i took some pictures but i don't think that they will do the beauty of nature justics. It is something that you have to see with your own eyes to understand what i am talking about. I will post the pic's that i took later on. I am pretty tired so i am going to go take a nap and i know that there are a ton of spelling mistakes but right about know i don't care. There will be a better post later.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Mountain Trip

So I leave today at 1 for Rifle. Yup that is right i am off to my conference. I wont be back until Saturday so while i am gone you guys could go back and read or in some cases re-read Karla classics like My eyes are not my own, So what is wrong with the guys in Denver
or everyone's favorite El Papi Chulo list part one and two. Sorry this one includes a little scrolling down. It is the third post.

I hope you all have a good rest of the week. Oh and ladies please leave suggestions for El Papi Chulo list part three.

Monday, September 26, 2005

The people at our side

Last night i hung out with two of my childhood friends. Karina and Angie, I have not seen those girls in a long time. So it was nice to be able to hang out and catch up. After i got home i found this, I loved it and thought i would share it with you guys.

We will encounter many different people throughout our lives. Some people we will like. Some we will not. Some will stay in our memories forever. Some will pass right on through. Many will become our friends. They will be the people who share our feelings and our sense of humor. They will be the people we confide in and rely upon. For our relationship to truly endure, we will mean to our friends what they mean to us.

The follwing line is my favorite:

Our friends accept us as we are yet help us to be as we should. Such is the beauty, and responsibility, of true friendship.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

If you say so.

I also took the color quiz like Caro and Irene. Here are my results:

ColorQuiz.comKarla took the free personality test!

"Over-imaginative and given to fantasy or day-dream..."

Click here to read the rest of the results.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005


I found the following in my daily planner: Once in a while, let yourself get carried away. So that is what i am going to go do. I am going to throw caution to the wind and just like these hot air ballons see where it leads me.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Pulling a Caro

This post is going to be totally random. I have a few thoughts running through my mind right now and i just need to get them out.

I totally forgot that Sunday was my goddaughters 2nd birthday. Coño!

Before we found out that my grandmother had lung cancer i had bought her a rosary, but since she left for D.R. shortly after that i was never able to give it to her. My uncle and aunt went to D.R. last week, and i was finally able to send it to her with them. They returned on Sunday night and my aunt handed me a black bag. " Your grandmother sent you this." She said. I opened it to find a ball of cheese inside, it was my abuelas way of saying "Thank You"." When your abuela saw that rosary her whole face lit up she was so happy, it made her day" my aunt told me. It took everything i had not to cry.

WTF is going on? It is not enough that my grandmother is sick but now my grandfather as well. Can we please get a break, please. First my grandmother and then my aunt and now my grandfather. I mean damn.

I am tired of people ragging on teachers. Some people think that all teachers do is teach kids how to read, write and figuer out math problems. Oh and grade papers. Yes that is part of what they do but unless you are a teacher you have NO IDEA what a teacher goes through each and every single day. Don't fucking tell me i have an EASY job. If it so fucking easy i would love to see you do it for a day.

I would love to see you teach 30 to 35 students who don't give a fuck about what you are teaching. I would love to see you take insults and death threats from students and parents. I would love to see the look on your face when the police walks into your classroom to arrest one of your students. I would love to see you call social services or a safehouse while you try to comfort a fearful, crying child and mother. I would love to see how you handle having to pay for half of the supplies in your classroom with your own money because there is NO money in the district for supplies. I would love to see the look on your face when you receive your paycheck.

I would like to see you tell a student " no" when they ask you to come to their game, concert, play, birthday party, etc and watch the look of disappointment cross their face as yet another adult let's them down. I would love to see if you would get up and go out at 2:00 in the morning when a parent or student calls you for help.

That is just a glimpse at what some teachers have to deal with. Does this happen everywhere and all the time? No, but it does happen. There are a lot of good teachers out there but yet you never hear about them.

Ok, I feel better. Sorry about that but i had to vent.

Ah there was some other stuff i was going to write about but my rant about teachrs tired me out. :)

Sunday, September 18, 2005

B's Birthday

Friday was B's birthday, since everyone was working we celebrated last night.

We were all suppose to be at his mom's house by 7:00 p.m. but you know us latinos we can never seem to make it anywhere on time.

At 8:30 p.m. B calls me.

B: " Karla, Where are you?"
Karla: " Hey B, Umm i am still at my house?"
B: " You damn dominican's you can never make it anywhere on time"
Karla: (Laughing) " Shit, i told you we would be there by 10."
B: "Yeah i know."

Jerry pick us up at about 9:10 p.m. in his new H3. OMG, i fell in love with that car last night. That is one HOT ride. We get to B's mom's house by 9:55 p.m. the minute we walk in the door B starts laughing.

B: " Damn, right on time."
Karla: " I told you we would be here by 10."

All of our high school friends were there for a second it felt like we were still in high school. Having a house party while the parents are out of town. LoL.

The party was off the hook. Everyone had a good time. My feet hurt from dancing so much, i have not dance that much in a minute. My stomach hurts from laughing so hard. I LOVE Brian and last night, i realize how much i miss his crazy ass. He had me dying of laughter last night. I love the fact that my feet and stomach hurt, they are signs of a good night.

It was good to see everyone again and just be able to chill. It was funny how it has been a while since we have all be able to get together like that, but yet the minute we were all together it was like nothing has changed we pick up right were we left off. Well just about everyone was there Adrian was the only one missing, according to the guys he has a new girlfriend who has him on lock down.

This morning B called to thank me for coming.

B: " Karla"
Me: " Hey B, how are you feeling?"
B: " I have the hang over from hell, but that is cool i am glad that everyone had a good time."
Me: (Laughing) "Bueno what do you expect you were taking straight Vodak shots with Adam, But yeah we did have a good time. "
B: " Don't remind me, i forgot that fool can drink. Hey, Now i might have made this up because um i was pretty wasted last night but umm did Doug bite you?"
Karla: " Ay, dios you saw that? Yeah he did but that is a long story, Poor Doug that boy was wasted. We had to take him home last night, I wonder how he is doing?"
B: "Yeah, I bet he feels worse then i do."
Karla: " Yeah"
B: " What are you doing?"
Me: " I am about to take yet another shower."
B: "What? Damn girl how many showers do you take a day?"
Me: " Usually two but i still smell like Dennis."
B: " Wait you smell like who?"
Me: " Dennis, you know that fool over sprays that shit on. I mean i know he wants to smell good but damn."
B: ( Laughing) " Oh, I don't feel to good i am going to go"
Me: " Ha ha, ok Bye"

You see what happens when you get older, You can't drink like you use to. Of course we took a ton of pictures and once i have them i will post them on here. Today was spent mostly just chilling at home and then going to the softball game to support the guys. Our team won by one point 21-20. I hope that everyone else had a good weekend.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Fall Teasers

Even though most of the trees here are still a shiny bright green. Some of the trees in the mountains have already started to change color. I thought i would post a few pictures of what is in store for us while at the same time showing you what fall looks like Colorado.

A look at the mountains.

Aspen leaves in the river after it rained.

"The Devil's Staircase" Legend says that the devil used them to visit the earth and plan his take-over. When God found out his plan, he banished him from the earth, but his staircase remains.

And last but not least my favorite picture. A beautiful view at the mountains.

It is views like these that make my so happy to live in Colorado.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005


Image hosted by

Your only a rainbow away and
I'm sitting here soaking wet, waiting for you
Your only a rainbow, just a rainbow away
and I'm reaching out hoping that you see it too.

But I'm telling you, that I'm no fool
Cuz I know what rainbows do.

They fade away, fade away,
fade away, away, stormy day,
found its way and I wish I could hold you now.

I' am only a rainbow away, my friend
And if you could see
what others see
You wouldn't feel so bad.

And I'm telling you
Cuz I've been there too,
that storms are like rainbows too

They fade away,
fade away,
fade away, away,
stormy days, drift away,
and may someone be holding you now.

- Fefe Dobson


Right now i am sooooooooo fucking pissed. This will be a short post because i am not a nice person when i am this mad. It is very diffcult to piss me off this much but yet someone or should i say somepeople have managed to do it. The funny thing about it all is that i don't even know them. So why the hell am i so mad at them if i don't know them? Because they are fucking around and hurting someone i love dearly. There is one thing about me that you don't mess with and that is my family. They are messing with my family.

Right now i want to scream, cry, yell, hurt someone pero i know that won't fix or changing anything. I am so pissed about the fact that i am so far away and unable to do anything or even just be there to listen. Coño!

You don't deserve this prima, I am sorry that you are going through all of this. I am sorry that i am so far away and that when we talk i suck at saying the right things and offering you the right advise. I love you! Te mando un abrazo.

Friday, September 09, 2005

Going to Rifle

So here I am at work on a Friday night. It has been crazy around here today and i have a few things i want to finish up before i go home.

I am offically booked for my first "away" conference. I will be going to Rifle, Colorado. "Where?" You might ask. ( Yeah that was what i said as well, i had never heard of it either until this conference came up.)

I will be there for four days at the end of this month for a literacy conference. I am excited i love going to new places. I was reviewing the list of conferences that i will be attending this year and it looks like i will be coming to a city near most of you. I will let you know when it get's closer to that time. From the looks of it i am going to spend most of the year on a plane. Which is cool with me because i love to fly. Heck, I just love to travel.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

You want me to met who?

That was what i told my boss this morning when she called to tell me that I would be meeting the Governor and Mayor today.

Me: " The Governor, as in the Governor of Colorado?"
My Boss: " Yup, that would be him"
Me: " Ok, and why am i meeting him?"
MB: " You are meeting him to tell him about our program and then you guys are going to discuss what we can do for the children coming from the Gulf Coast."
Me: " Right, and you said the Mayor would be there as well."
MB: " Yup, The Mayor of Aurora. Denver's Mayor will not be there."
Me: "Oh...Great, wait you mean to tell me there was going to be more then one Mayor at this meeting?"
MB : Laughing
Me: " Um i can't meet the Governor"
MB: " What, why not?"
Me: " I am not dress to meet the Governor"
MB: " What are you wearing?"
Me: " Jeans"
MB: " Oh please you can meet him in jeans"
Me: " Umm you do know that this is my second day on the job right?"
MB: (Laughing) " Yes, I am aware of that."

So i was all set and ready to meet the Governor and Mayor but in the end i never got the chance. I missed them by like 5 minutes. I was at my other school dealing with somethings when they came by.

So have i mention that i am loving me new job? I have, Really? I got a chance to hang out with some of the parents this morning and that was a lot of fun. I was able to sit down and talked to them the whole time we were talking, we were eating yummy food (that they had brought) all the while listening to Daddy Yankee. Can you believe that I get paid to do that? I have to say that i have some pretty cool parents. It was cool being able to find out where they are from and what their goals are. If things keep going the way they are going we are going to have a good year.

Can you believe that my boss is crazy enough to give me a district cell phone and a district credit card. I am excited about the credit card. I mean having and being able to use a credit card that i do not have to pay off is exciting. Just knowing that the bill will NOT come to my house at the end of the month is exciting. Same thing with the cell phone, a phone that i can use and not have to pay for, man i'm excited. Oh and it gets better the district pays for my gas! Yup that is right they pay for me to fill my car up with gas and my boss is buying me a new computer for my office, yup that is right i have an OFFICE! Oh and the coolest part i get business card. I know your jealous Caro it's ok :)

Holy crap when did i become a grown up? Ok i bet you guys are sick and tired of hearing about my new job. So in other news, wait there is no other news. All i do is umm work.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

The Square Mile

So my party on Thursday was lovely. I had a great time lots of fun. We had a second party on Friday which was a little more low key and that was cool again i had a good time. Friday was my last day at work and of course everyone was trying to make me cry. My students wrote me this nice letter saying how much they would miss me and it was really cute.

I had kind of a rough weekend but it will get better. I have been worried about a dear friend of mines. I hope she knows that i am always here for her.

I started my new job today and man, since i got here this morning i have been running all over the place. I had to eat lunch in my car while i was enroute to my other school. I run the same program in two different schools. This is the first time all day that i have a few minutes to actually sit in my office and do nothing. So i won't be posting as much i use to well at least for a little while. I am loving my new job. Yes i have been running around all day like a mad women but i love it and i know that this is going to be fun.

I will be stopping by later on to read blogs right now i have to go to my FOUR hour conference.

Alright bloggers

Karla Out!

Thursday, September 01, 2005

It's My Party.

My co-workers are throwing me a goodbye party later on today, since tomorrow is my last day and since a lot of my co-workers are not going to be here tomorrow due to the long weekend, They are doing the party today.

I know that this is going to turn in to a roast because well they are already giving me a hard time because i am leaving. I offically start my new job on Tuesday. I am so excited i can't wait. I have been going to my new job in the afternoons and that has been pretty cool i have been able to get some work done which will make my first day much easier. I will let you guys know how the party went. We are going to Patrick's a local bar/pool hall. I have never been there so we will see how this goes.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

My eyes are not my own.

My eyes are not my own, they belong to someone else…

I few entry’s back I wrote about how I would love to go back and talk to my great-grandmother. At that time I never gave a reason why but now my great-grandmothers presence won’t leave me alone. It is like she wants me to explain it and to comply with her I will.

I would like to be able to talk to my great-grandmother because I would like to meet the women who I have been compared to my whole life. The woman I remind everyone of. The women who’s eyes I inherited.

While I might be the spitting image of my father’s mother my eyes belong to my great-grandmother. Although she died when I was 8. I never got a chance to know her. She lived in D.R. and I lived in New York.

That fact that we lived world apart did not stop people from comparing us. As long as I can remember people have been telling me that I have the same eyes. “ Those eyes” they use to tell me “ Those eyes belong to your great-grandmother.”

I use to ask my mami why people would tell me this for I did not understand. My great-grandmother had gray-blue eyes mines are green. Plus these eyes belonged to me how could they belong to her as well? My mami being the patient women she is would laugh and then explain to me that it was not the color of the eyes that matter but what my eyes would say. She would explain to me that my great-grandmother eyes did the same thing. “When people look at you it looks as if you are talking through your eyes. It is like you have seen this world before.” She would tell me “ Your great-grandmother use to do the same thing.” At the time I was way to young to understand what my mami was explaining to me. Now that I am older and reflecting on it I understand completely.

Over the years people have stopped telling me that my eyes belong to my great-grandmother. Pero every once in a while we will run across an old family friend or someone who knew my great-grandmother and those six words magically reappear.
“ Those eyes belong to your great-grandmother” and I feel like a little girl all over again.

Now when people tell me this they are also willing to share stories with me. My mami tells me stories of how I was Mama’s favorite because for a long time I was her only great-granddaughter with light eyes. How Mama at her old age would carry me around the house singing to me telling me stories or just sitting in a rocking chair with me. How mami and papi had to fight with her to let me go when it was time to leave. How she use to say that I was “ Her baby”

My great-grandmother is not the only family member with “light” eyes her husband (my great-grandfather) had blue eyes and my grandfather on my father’s side also has blue eyes but it is her that I am compared to the most. My eyes belong to her.

“ You two” mami use to say “ You two were such a sight and old fragile women with gray hair and gray-blue eyes holding a little baby girl with jet black hair and bright green eyes, There where times when I would walk by and see the two of you sitting there staring into space and it would stop me in my tracks. You looked like a painting just sitting there rocking back and forth looking at something that only the two of you could see.”

It is stories like these that stop me in my tracks. I love hearing them but at the same time a great sadness washes over me because I feel like I missed out on getting to know her, and yet it feels like I do know her. Some where in my memory those song and stories lay she shared them with me for a reason. At time I feel her near me and I stop and listen I so desperately want to remember her, want to remember what her voice sounds like but just like the wind she comes and goes as she pleases and I am left with nothing else but to sit and wait for the next time she chooses to visit me.

My eyes are not my own they belong to someone else, they belong to my ancestors.

Monday, August 29, 2005

Azucar Moreno and a Tag

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So I finally received Shelley's book on Saturday. I sat down to read it on Sunday and let me just say i LOVED it. OMG Shelley chica you rock. This is an amazing book.If you still have not gotten a chance to read it i suggest you hurry up and buy it. The plot caught me from page one and i was dying to know what happend. I read it in one sitting and then i made the mistake of reading the excerpt for "Los Morenos" and now i can't wait for it come out. I also ordered Liz's book pero it had not come in yet. Shelley chica i have to tell you that after that scene with Nikki and Mario after the baby showe...Coño chica i needed a cold shower. :) So there is my review if you have not picked up Shelley's book i suggest you RUN out and get it.

Now for the tag. Desiree tagged me so here it is.

A-Accent: I don't think i have one, but everyone says that i have a ghetto New York Dominican accent.

B-Breast Size: 38DD, yup god gave me big boobs to go with my big butt.

C- Chore you hate: Cleaning the bathroom.

D-Dad's name: Jose

E-Essential make-up: Every kind of make-up is essential to me this girl does not leave the house with out her "face" on.

F- Favorite Perfume/Cologne: Anything by Oscar De La Renta and Ralph Lauren and Touch by Burberry.

G- Gold or Silver: Gold

H-Hometown: New York City

I-Insomnia: Sometimes.

J-Job title: Daycare Program Manager

K-Kids: Not yet pero hopefully in the future.

L-Living arrangements: Con mi mami and papi until i graduate for college.

M-Mom's Birthplace: Inoa, San Jose De Las Matas, Dominican Republic.

O-Overnight Hospital Stays: None.

P-Phobia: Spiders.

Q-Favorite Quote: " It is not the letting go that hurts it is the holding on"

R-Religious affiliation: Born Catholic pero i have not been to church in a minute so right now i am doing my own thing.

S-Siblings: Dos hermanas (Two sisters)

T-Two You are Tagging: Gloria and Elsie

U-Unnatural hair colours you've worn: Carmel, Red, and Blond highlights.

V-Vegetable you refuse to eat: Asparagus.

W-Worst Habit: Procrastinating.

X-X-rays you've had: My neck

Y-Yummy foods you make: Monfongo, Arroz Con Leche, Quipes, Cheesecake Squares.

Z-Zodiac Sign: Gemini

Friday, August 26, 2005

Something about me

Kim Tagged me so here we go...

1. IF YOU COULD BUILD A SECOND HOUSE ANYWHERE, WHERE WOULD IT BE? This is a hard one but i would have to say Italy.


3. THE LAST CD YOU BOUGHT? Jeez ever since i have gotten my iPod it has been a while since i bought a cd, cd but i would have to say that the last cd i bought was Daddy Yankee's Barrio Fino for Jean-Carlos.


5. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE MOVIE? The Wedding Planner and My Big Fat Greek Wedding.







12. IF YOU COULD HAVE ONE SUPER POWER, WHAT WOULD IT BE? The power to read people's mind

13. IF YOU HAVE A TATTOO, WHAT IS IT? I don't have a tattoo.




17. SUSHI OR HAMBURGER? Hamburgers



20. WHAT WOULD BE YOUR DREAM JOB? Running my own restaurant.

21. FAVORITE MEAL? Anything my abuela makes.

I now tag Caro, Irene, J and Daahsar

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Para Kim Y Irene

Kim says that my primo cheeers her up so to lift her spirits here they are on more time just for you chica. Oh and let me know which one you would like for the

Primo #1 Javier.
Image hosted by

Primo # 2 Xavier
Image hosted by

Primo # 3 Marcus.
Image hosted by

Irene posted a hilarious joke about New Yorkers and it reminded me of this list:

The New York State of Mind























By the way I tagged a few people so go to the entry below and see if you are it.

I'm it part 3

Seven Things I…Plan to Do Before I Die:
1.) Travel the world.
2.) Set up a YMCA like center in D.R.
3.) Meet Julia Alvarez
4.) Get Married to a Wonderful Intellectual Patient MATURE Gentleman
5.) Have a Baby - when I'm ready
6.) Own a House
7.) Open up a resturant.

Things I Can Do:
1.) Cook
2.) Make people cry
3.) Be Open-Minded
4.) Dance to Nearly Every Kind of Music (I Think)
5.) Be There for My Friends When They Need Me
6.) LOVE
7.) CARE

Things I Can’t Do:
1.) Sit by and let people get away with shit when they are wrong.
2.) Say NO When a Good Friend Asks for a Favor
3.) Avoid a Big Sale @ the Mall
4.) Can't Ever Own Enough Handbags and Makeup
5.) Say No to Chiptole
6.) Drive Slow
7.) Walk in Pointy Heels - (not yet but i am working on it)

Things I say most:
1.) Yo
2.) Coño
3.) Diablo
4.) Whatever
5.) Shut up
6.) Pero
7.) Are you for real?

I now tag Gloria, Desiree, Soozie, Tannia, Kim, Marissa, and Caro.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Bad Day= online quiz

I had this long entry i was going to write but today has not been a good day so instead i did an online quiz. I LOVE this song and it is actually what i needed right about now. I hope everyone is doing well. Oh and I can't wait for the movie version of RENT to come out.

Your song is:Seasons of love
COMPANY: 525,600 minutes, 525,000 moments so dear. 525,600
minutes - how do you measure,measure a year? In daylights, in sunsets, in
midnights, in cups of coffee. In inches, in miles, in laughter, in strife. In
525,600 minutes - how do you measure a year in the life?How about love? How about love? How about love?
Measure in love. Seasons of love.

SOLOIST: 1525,600 minutes! 525,000 journeys to plan. 525,600
minutes - how can you measure the life of a woman or man?

SOLOIST 2: In truths that she learned, or in times that he
cried. In bridges he burned, or the way that she died.

COMPANY: Its time now to sing out, tho the story never ends
let's celebrate remember a year in the life of friends. Remember the love! Remember the love! Remember the love! Measure in love. Seasons of love! Seasons of love.

what song are you? ( full lyrics to every song)(revised)
brought to you by

Tuesday, August 23, 2005


This week has been Bittersweet. Bitter because my cousin Danny called to say his farewell's. He was deployed to Iraq last night. We talked for a while and even though he never said it i could hear the fear and sadness in his voice. He does not want to leave his little girl behind but he has no choice. Para mi primo Danny i just want to say "Tsamaya Sentle, Sala Sentle" which means "Go Well, Stay Well" in Tswana. Be careful out there and we will see you soon.

The sweet part is that my cousin Gabby will be coming back from Iraq next week! His tour will be over and he does not have to go back for a while since this was his second time out there. He called my grandmother at 3 a.m the other day with the good news.

Please keep our troops in your thoughts.

Monday, August 22, 2005

Because You Do.

Background story: I work in a Middle School with emotionally disturbed children other wise known as “the bad kids” you know who they are the ones that no one wants. Most of my students are way behind academically and usually refuse to go to school and always seem to get in to trouble. Well those are my students. With the help of the district behavior specialist we have put together a program for them to help them get on track.

After school on Friday my co-teacher and I held an information session on our students with the rest of the staff. We were explain how our program work’s and what to expect out of our students.

During the whole meeting one topic kept coming up. “He/she loves to read, why is that?” I had no clue these are kids who hate to do any kind of schoolwork. Everyday we start the day out be reading silently for 30 minutes I find that it helps the kids out to have that quite time in the morning. We all sit down to read a book of our choice my co-teacher and myself included.

I know that a lot of our students complain and whine but in the end they end up doing what was asked. So I did not think that this was the reason why they love to read. After thinking about it and discussing it with my co-teacher we could not figure it out so I decided to ask my students. I asked them this morning why they loved to read so much.

After a few “I don’t know” and “ Cause we have to” I knew that they were not going to tell me so I dropped the subject and we kept going with our day. During silent reading one of my students brings me a piece of paper and walks away. On there it said, “ I like to read because you do.” Those were the only words on that sheet of paper. I sat at my desk in shock and also at that the same time trying not to cry in front of my students.

It is true what they say about leading by example who would have thought that a simple act like watching their teachers read would cause a few “bad kids” to like reading.
In my line of work there are many hard days but it is days like today, days where you realize that by doing the simplest thing you have help or changed someone’s life. It is days like today that makes all those bad days worthwhile.

Friday, August 19, 2005


Last night i was talking to Marissa about men among other things and after our conversation i remembered this poem.

by Maggie Estep

Stands so close
I can feel his breath on my neck
And smell the way he would smell
If we slept together
And that is his primary function in life
And to talk to that dingy bimbette blonde
As if he really wanted to hear her
Manicures and pedicures and New Age Ritualistic Enema Cures
And, truth be told, he probably does want to hear about it
Because he is
And he does anything he can to lend fuel to my fire
He makes a point
Of standing, looking over my shoulder
When I’m talking to the guy who adores me
And would bark like a dog and wave a strangers
If I asked him to bark like a dog and waves to strangers
But I can’t ask the guy to bark like a dog or impersonate
Any kind of animal at all
Cause I’m too busy
Looking at the way
Has pants on
That perfectly define his well-shaped ass
To the point where I’m thoroughly frantic,
I’m just gonna go home
Stick my head in the oven
Overdose on nutmeg and aspirin or sit in the bathtub
Reading The Executioner’s Song
And being completely confounded by the fact that I can see
Defining itself in the peeling plaster of the wall
And winking
And I start yelling: “ Hey, get the hell out of here, your’re just a figment of my overripe imagination, get a life and get out of my plaster and pass me the next painful situation please.”

But he keeps on grinning
And winking
And he’s mine
In my plaster

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Who's this?

Daddy Yankee...ok i had to get that This weekend there was a good article about El Cangri in the Washington Post check it out and let me know what you think. Also I am jumping on the bandwagon and putting up a video on my blog. Of course the honor of the first video goes to mi amor the man himself....DaddyYankee.

Music Video Codes By VideoCodeZone

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Ray of Light

Last week I had been feeling like I was drowning and no matter how hard I tried to reach the surface it felt like I never could. All I could see around me was darkness. Everything that could go wrong did. It just felt like I could do anything right. Then just when I was ready to give up, out of the darkness came a ray of light.

I got a new job!!!!! Woot! I am sooooooooo excitied. I will now be working at a new school as Administration. This is going to be so much fun. The program that I am going to be running offers pre-school to low-no income family. We also offer parenting, GED, and English Classes to the parents. At the same time we offer a daycare program for any little brothers or sister and a after-school program for the school age children. So in other words we take care of the whole family. I can’t wait to start I start in 3 weeks.

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Best Of What's Around.

Bueno, the day i have been denying all this time is finally here. Caro is leaving for Cali and so i now have no choice but to write this entry. I know that i can't tell you all of this Carola without bursting into tears so i prefere to write it in the comfort of my home where no one can see me cry like a baby.

Ay Carito where do i start. Bueno first of all i have to say that i am going to MISS you like crazy and that i am so, so, so, so ,so PROUD of you and that i am so GLAD that we have gotten to know each other as well as we have. I am HONOR to be able to call you not only mi prima pero also my best friend. I am so EXCITED for you because this is going to be a new start for you but at the same time i am SAD because i dont want you to leave.

Do you remember what i wrote to you in the inside cover of DGSC? I meant that with all my heart. God only knows what i be without you. THANK YOU for always being there and putting up with my crazy

I know that moving to Colorado was not easy but i am soooo glad that you guys did because if you had not i would have never been able to get to know you or be able to have you as my best friend. I hope you have a wonderful time in Cali enjoy it, all of it the good and the bad. I KNOW that you are going to be just fine because lets admit it your flippin' fabulous :)

To quote Dr Suess "Oh the places you will go" and knowing you Carito i know that you will go far. Cali is just the start.

I am JEALOUS of you because you get to meet Desiree, Tannia and Soozie!

IF and that is a big IF things don't (for some crazy reason) turn out the way you expect them to in Cali or if it just becomes to much well then just come home right away:) fine seriously remember that i am ALWAYS here for you no matter what.

Goodness there is so much that i want to say pero 1. I dont know how to say it all and 2. these tears won't let me see the keyboard ( you know i was never good at goodbyes). So i am going to turn it over to Dave, (he does a better job of saying what i want to say.)

See you and me
Have a better time than most can dream
Have it better than the best
So we can pull on through
Whaterver tears at us
Whatever hold us down
And if nothing can be done
We'll make the best of what's around

Have a good trip Carola and i send you Loves Primita lots and lots of Loves,


Friday, August 12, 2005

I'm it... again.

"List ten songs you are currently doesn't matter what genre, or if they have words, or even if they're no good, but they must be songs you're really enjoying right now. Post these instructions, the artists and the tens songs on your Blog. Then tag five other people to see what they're listening to."

Ay you people and your number limits. TEN you only want me to pick TEN? Well guess what I'm digging WAY more than ten right now, I guess i will limit it down to the best of them, in no particular order. Since i have to pick TEN.

Rakata by Wisin y Yandel: I am soooooo digging this song. It is such a good party song.

Yo Voy by Daddy Yankee ft. Lennox and Zion: Now come on you guys knew he was going to show up here at least once. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this song. No, not just because it is a Daddy Yankee (sight) song but because like the one above this it is a good party song.

Ven Bailalo by Khriz y Angel: Another good party song, everytime this song comes on the radio or my ipod i find myself on my feet dancing.

Shake by Ying Yang Twins Ft. Pitbull: Yet an other party song....hmmm i think i am in a party mood right now...what do you guys think? This song is HOT.

You Raise Me Up by Josh Groban: This is such a beautiful song. Everytime i hear it i want to cry but in a good way. It always reminds me of my family and all they have done for me.

Viviendo by Marc Anthony: First let me state that i LOVE Marc Anthony so he might appear here more then once. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this song. Not only does it have amazing lyrics it also has a good beat to it.

Que Creias by Selena: I miss Selena she had some really good song. I think she had some of the best heartbreak/I am over you songs. This is one of them. I love the line where she says" Tu que creias? Que como yo habian muchas? Que mi amor es regalado, pues ya ves equivocado"

Te Quise Tanto by Paulina Rubio: I love Paulina Rubio and this is a great song. Yet again a great dance song and also a good break up song.

Un Beso Y Una Flor by Nino Bravo: This is an old school song. It is my dad's favorite song and i remember hearing it all the time when i was little. Last year at this time i found out why my dad plays it so much. When he left the Dominican Republic to move to the United States this is the song that he played for my mother (the reason why he was moving to the United States) It has become one of those songs that everytime i hear it i end up crying but i love it.

Bachata Rosa by Juan Luis Guerra y 440: This has to be one of the most beautiful loves songs every written. Juan Luis Guerra is an amazing composer and preformer. This is yet again one of those song that i have been listening to all my life and i never get tired of hearing it.

Ok now for the fun stuff i tag....Janette, Joanne, Elle, Mon, Kim, and Soozie. opps i pick six..oh well!

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Tag I'm it

What were you doing 5yrs ago?
Working for the school district. That i currently work for.

Going to school and then being lazy.

5 snacks I enjoy?

Chips (any kind), ice cream, green apples, grapes and Mangoes...i love mangoes

5 songs I know all the words to?
Best of what's around by Dave Matthews Band , Anything by Shakira, Anything by Selena, Te Quise Tanto by Paulina Rubio, Anything by Marc Anthony.

5 things I'd do with a million dollars?
Pay off bills, put some away in a savings account, take my parents on a vacation, go visit and spoil my grandparents, put some away in a college fund for my nieces and nephews.

5 bad habits I have?
Drinking too much, eating too much, staying quite instead of speaking up, sleeping in to much, making people cry.

5 favorite TV shows?
Sex and the city, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, Desperate Housewives, Mind of Mencia, Real World: Austin.

5 biggest joys of the moment?
My family, my friends, dulce de leche ice cream, parking lot conversations, reading.

5 favorite toys?
hmmm...and what excatly do you mean by toys?

I tag.............Caro, Reese and Kim Have fun chicas!

Friday, August 05, 2005

Soozie's Update

Soozie, girl ask and you shall receive here is your update.

I am sorry that I was gone there for a while things have been crazy around here. Well I am back at work. It was actually nice to go back to work and see everyone again. To tell you the truth it has been bittersweet going back to work. A lot of my co-workers did not come back and well that sucks because I was expecting them to come back and for it to be the old gang again. The good news is that we have a few new teachers who are pretty cool so I guess in the end it all works out.

I am still wondering where the summer went. It was here and then it was gone. I know it is still officially summer but to me summer is over since I am now back at work.

This week is also my last week of summer school (yay) so I have been going crazy writing papers and study for finals (yuck). Actually last night was my last night for my Lit class. I am going to miss that class A LOT. The teacher was great she knew her shit and she made the class a lot of fun. Also the other students in there were mad cool and we all got along from the first night. If you were to walk by our classroom you would think there was a party going on in there instead of a class from all the laughing and joking around that was going on. I love classes like that, because even though we had a lot of fun we actually learned a lot. I think I learned more in that class then in any other class I have taken.

Other then that I guess nothing else is new. Oh wait...hold on we have breaking news...what is that?......oh yeah... I SUCK AS A PIMP. My poor primo...umm if you need someone to hook you up, make sure NOT to ask me. :)

I finally got that picture of Julio scanned and here he is:

Image hosted by

I know it is kind of blurry that is just how it turn out once we scanned it, You can kind of tell that he is cute :)

I am refusing to acknowledge the fact that Caro is leaving soon. Yes I am in denial. I know so what.(fingers in ears saying "I can't hear you" with my eyes shut tight so I can't see what you are writing either.)

So it is that time of year again. Time for what Karla you might ask? Time for weight lost attempt hold on I have to look it up....oh ok got it weight lost attempt # 756. I will write more about this in another post.

So here is my rant for the day and no I did not make this up.

So this week at work we were doing registration for school. Most of the teacher's and teachers assistants were asked to help. So we are all there hanging out doing our thing when a Person At Work (P.A.W) hears me speaking in Spanish to a parent. When I am done speaking to said parent P.A.W. comes over

P.A.W: I did not know you were Mexican?
Karla: Excuse me?
P.A.W: I did not know you were Mexican?
Karla: Eh, that is because I am not Mexican.
P.A.W: Yes, you are I just heard you speak Mexican. (Yeah,P.A.W really did say that)

Right after that comment I was heated.

(What I wanted to say) "What the fuck is that suppose to mean?"
(What I did say)
Karla: And what exactly is speaking Mexican?
P.A.W: Oh you know, you speak Spanish.
Karla: Oh really well thanks for the clarification, and by the way I speak Spanish not Mexican. Oh just so you know there are a lot of countries in the Caribbean, South and Central America were Spanish is the main language not just Mexico.
P.A.W: So what part of Mexico is your family from?

In my mind I was thinking you have got to be kidding me�

Karla: Actually my family is not from Mexico, my family is from The Dominican Republic.
P.A.W: Oh really, how cool where in Mexico is that?

Right here I am thinking that P.A.W has got to be joking or is really, really stupid.

Karla: Ah The Dominican Republic is not in Mexico. It is a country in the Caribbean.
P.A.W: So is that like close to Cancun or the capital? I bet it is beautiful.

At this point I realize
that P.A.W actually thinks that D.R. is a part of Mexico. So I go into my whole speech about where The Dominican Republic is and P.A.W is still not getting it. At this point I am done. If you are going to be an ignorant ass and not listen to what I am telling you then I have the right to cuss you out. Just as I was about to the principle walks in and asks me to help her with something and let me tell you at that point I was more then happy to.

So for all the other ignorant stupid people out there let me just say this Peru, Chile, Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, Panama, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Cuba, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Brazil, Bolivia, Argentina, Paraguay, and Uruguay ARE NOT A PART OF MEXICO, believe it or not they are INDEPENDENT COUNTRIES. For those of you who are visual learners I have included links to maps for the Caribbean, South America and Central America. Also if you would actually take or better yet go to a geography class you would already know this.