Wednesday, March 24, 2010

One more time

When I started this blog, many, many years ago it was to track my weight lost attempt. Those of you who have been reading this blog all know how that went.

We make plans and try to stick to them, but life always happens. My cousin N is getting married this summer. I am one of three maids of honors. This prompted me to try the whole weight lost thing again. Now I have tried everything from Weight Watchers, to Atkins, to the Zone, to having magnets stuck behind my ears to help "balance my body." They all failed. I now know why. 1) I wasn't ready 2) I was doing it alone. I was one of those people who use to think " how hard is it to lose weight?" you would think as a person who has attempted this many times I would know the answer to this.

Every pass weight lost attempt was started for the wrong reason. I was trying to lose weight for other people, instead of for myself. So I would try, see a little result and then quit. Rise and repeat. That's the way it has been for years.

Until recently that is, I have made friends with the most unexpected people. My co-workers, I know you are suppose to be friendly with your co-workers, but here is the thing. I was sure that this group of people did not like me. Funny how things work out. During the last two years we have gotten to know each other, and they have become my core group of friends. No worries besties (aka primos) no one can ever replace you guys.

We are quite a group of misfits, but I know thats why our friendship works. Where one of us is weak the other is strong. We are going to eat clean, meaning no processed foods as well as working out together two times a week. So far we have done really well with the eating, not so much with the working out. We will get there though. Everyone is starting to see results, and I look forward to meeting up with them for breakfast and lunch everyday.

Now I have always been a "big" girl, and I know that my body is naturally curvy, but during these last three years I have gain more weight then I am comfortable with. So that's my goal, to loss the weight I put on recently. So while this might have started out as losing weight for the wedding, it is quickly becoming about a lifestyle change for me and no one else. I want to be comfortable in my skin, and yeah looking good at N's wedding is an added bonus.


Anonymous said...

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I've Had Too Much To Think... said...

Have you heard of Gary Taubes? He has a book called, "Good Calories Bad Calories." If you're looking to change your mind on weight and how it's put on and taken off, read it. It will change your life.

JesusFreak121 said...

Good luck on your weight loss process! It is very hard, but with friends, it is always easier! Your right, Lose weight for yourself! Not for other people! And don't worry about the numbers (on the scale). What I mean is, don't set a "weight goal" in numbers, just set a goal to where you will feel comfortable with yourself. That is all that matters! Good Luck and God Bless!!! (:

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