Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Everyone knows I'm in over my head

Hi there, how's it going? I know it has been a while since I have posted. I am sorry about that but I just haven't had the time to be honest. My new job takes up ALL of my time. I do like my new job, but there are days when I feel overwhelmed, and then I start to wonder what did I get myself into. I still miss my old job and the people that I use to work with, but I have made new friends at my job and I am getting to know some of the families at the new place. Hmm maybe I should stop calling it the new place?

Anyways, for those of you out there in the blogger world who have Blackberry's I have to share something that my cousin recently discovered. I love using Blackberry Messanger. Recently my cousin Karina discovered that you can invite more then one person to a conversation on messanger. Which means that you end up having your own little chat room. Which really comes in handy when you have to tell a few people the same information. We have been using it like crazy and I for one can tell you that I love it.

Hmmm what else ooo yeah the boy, things did not go well there. He is some one that I have known for a while now but due to this reason or the other we never got together. Recently we where both single at the same time and I thought what the heck lets give it a try. Well lets just say that things went down hill fast after that. So that means that I am still taking

As you can see I been busy making some changes to this little blog. So what do you think? I am trying to recreat my blog roll so if I missed your blog please forgive me and then let me know so I can add you.

Hmm, I have other things that I want to share but I will have to post that in a may i recommend post. Oh and we need a new Papi Chulo list right?


Coco said...

glad that you're back ; )
i have a blackberry, but i haven't tried messenger...i'll give it a try- thanks for the tip!
did you leave "education"?
there are other boys out there...
ten paciencia!

abrazos y bendiciones

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